As freelancer, Beware from scammer! #Upwork #Freelancer

I’ve been working on Upwork and Freelancer platform for a while, so far I can say I have done well this time.

This article is a reminder to my fellow freelancer to be cautious when a client ask you to work on a fixed-price job. Well, my experience has been mostly for hourly rate jobs and for fixed one they were a few for very short tasks. This is my last not happy one experience.

Less than 3 weeks ago, this guy contacted me to upgrade his iOS app to iOS 10, it’s really easy and fast actually, we both expected to submit his updated app to the App Store in 2 days up, he gave me the assets he thought they were all. I checked the pictures (no wireframe was provided) to have a general idea because the app needed to change its UI completely, my expectations were 2 weeks to finish the project before beta testing.

Well, this guy hired me and sent me the code, I tried to upgrade it to Swift 3 but a lot of error appeared. The code was support until iOS 7 and had many outdated dependencies, even most of them were deprecated and had not support for swift 3!. After my first review I sent my report, the app is not possible to submit to the App Store and needs to be done again from scratch, the legacy code was even written by a junior developer! About the assets, they were incomplete

First red flag! The guy refused to set the milestone’s we agreed before the hiring then he said he will pay when everything is finished… Fuck! I already started without an upfront payment! (My bad) “At least this will be finished soon” I thought. The first update to test it’s functionality was sent, the guy thought it was finished, the misunderstanding led us to a little discussion where I realised he doesn’t know anything about his app and he realised the app need more work to do.

Second code review, second red flag! The guy started to behave as a child like his parents didn’t want to buy him a candy! I was clear about how my reports will be: 3 functionality updates, the first was app workflow functionality, the second audio and playlist player and the 3rd was a fully functional app ready for testing. While he was testing I will be working on the design polishing! He never wanted to understand, then he went silent for 4 days, no Skype chat, not messages, nothing, we were talking everyday before that!

Today I wrote him to check what happened, before that I looked on upwork about him and found out that he was looking for another freelancer with a less budget for my same job even before the date I send the code for a second time! He has my code and was looking for another one, WTF!

This guy didn’t pay anything and still have my code, he blatantly said to me I spent ages on it and he won’t pay anything, even that he will end the contract!

My move was to contact Upwork in order to solve this robbery, this guy stole my work and my time!

From now on, for fixed-price projects No Milestones No Contract! No Upfront Payment No Contract!

Some “clients” besides seeking freelancer for a very low budget, also wants your work for free and others like this guy wants to blatantly steals your work!

Upwork has given me a great support so far. I’ll keep this post updated with the result of this headache.

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