Ascension: The Truth About “The Void” in Spiritual Awakening

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As Awakened, and Awakening people, living life with an elevated consciousness in a dualistic, and dense Matrix can be extremely hard to navigate during periods of the Void in Ascension.

The process of Ascension is like being in a state of existential shock. Your conscious awareness is constantly rearranged when you start channeling and downloading information from source, which changes everything you thought you knew. While there are blissful moments of clarity, awareness, divine joy, inner peace, and oneness, Ascension wouldn’t be complete without the dense experiences of the Voids.

If you are a Starseed, Lightworker, Healer, Medium, Shaman, Indigo, Gridworker, or Crystal Child etc.., the path of enlightenment requires painful ego dissolution, and the disintegration of the illusion of separateness. This is no small feat, and you have likely been at clearing karmic, ancestral, and galactic timelines for lifetimes along your incarnations into infinite soul evolutions — until the point of redeeming your soul from the confines of 3D polarities and Matrix control, embodying Christ — Creator Consciousness, and the reward of becoming an Ascended Master in the flesh during “The Age of Aquarius.”

What Exactly Are Voids?

The Voids we experience happens in phases. They seem to occur in our realities intermittently as we navigate spiritual awakening, and the healing process that comes along with it. Sometimes it feels like all the work you have done on your journey is in vain when you find yourself in yet another period of darkness. To energetically describe a Void, it is when your vibration or frequency gets stuck in a cycle or ring of either downward, or horizontal movement.

The energy spins so quickly that you often enter into a state of either emotional, mental, physical or energetic frenzy of density, despair, numbness, pain, fear, doubt, negativity, detachment, or hopelessness.

This is why it is hard for people around you who have not yet experienced the Voids to resonate with your pain.

The First Void: “The Dark Night of The Soul”

Often times anyone from the outside looking in, feels unable to help or reach you. They may feel you are overreacting, overly pessimistic, dramatic, or self-destructive. What they don’t understand, is that you are experiencing a disconnection from your light. One of the most destructive Voids in ascension, is “The Dark Night of the Soul.”

The Dark Night of The Soul can be defined as: “a period of spiritual desolation suffered by a mystic in which all sense of consolation is removed.” It seems that nothing can penetrate your downward or horizontal spiral of Void energy until you can find and reach your own light. This is the Void that is responsible for shattering the initial ego that keeps you rooted in the 3D Matrix that we incarnated into. It is a profound and painful reality that shatters all dualistic illusion.

Voids Are Experienced Where You Need To Heal The Most

When you ascend out of the Void space, you continue on your journey toward enlightenment, and the density of the next Void you find yourself in becomes lighter. Still, it is no less frustrating or limiting. As you get closer and closer to ascending, the Voids combat another level of healing that needs to occur along your soul evolution.

There is a Void to experience when it comes to your relationship with your earthly parents or family that allows you to detach soul chords without guilt and obligation.

There is a Void to experience when you become aware of a separation from a Twin Flame.

There is a Void to experience when it comes to healing and loving your inner child.

There is a Void to experience when it comes to reprogramming lack and limit.

There is a Void to experience when you have to remove ethereal implants and Matrix tags.

There is a Void to experience when it comes to ancestral karma. The list goes on.

Voids start on an ethereal level, and burn all the way through the mental, emotional, cellular, and 3D bodies, like energetic battery acid. This is what causes the experience of feeling “drained.” Your light is literally being blocked out. The reflection of your inner-world begins to reflect external realities and timelines. This Void energy creates dense external and physical consequences, be it lack, loss, trauma, biological or mental sickness, or misfortune.

Suicidal Thoughts

One of the scariest aspects of the Void in ascension are the suicidal thoughts. They happen more than a few times during spiritual awakening because you begin to learn that human beings were not meant to live in a 3D prism of control and illusion. As you grow consciously aware of your divine sovereignty and life without duality, you begin to desire “going home.” In the beginning, the thoughts are more low frequency. You become sick of struggle, pain, fear, and how hard life is.

In 2016 when I grew very ill from a mysterious stomach sickness, that turned out to be an enzyme disfunction, I was malnourished and underweight. My bones stuck out, my skin was pale, and my eyes had become sunken in. I was so close to death, and I didn’t even realize it. I now know that I was subconsciously choosing to die. This was all apart of my Dark Night of the Soul.

As you ascend, and make it through higher Void spaces, your thoughts of ending your “experience in this reality,” are more so because you want to escape the low frequency in the matrix around you, and exist in a higher form or realm. Some awakened beings like Anthony Bourdain, or Mac Miller don’t make it out of this Void, and decide that their contributions are fulfilled. To this I say, hold on! Many of us agreed to come here as apart of a collective mission to save humanity, and help raise the frequency of the planet, Gaia.

You hold unique light codes that aid in raising the collective consciousness of all beings. You were promised the reward of taking your physical vessel into a “New Earth,” that will feel like the “home,” that you so longingly want to return too. “You are Not Alone” — Michael Jackson (My personal Spirit Guide.)

The Blooming (999)

So you might be wondering, if you will ever cease experiencing the Void. My answer is that I think that we will! As mentioned earlier, energetically, all a Void is, is a spiral of energy that gets stuck at one frequency or vibration until you find your own light to ascend out of it. I would like to think that once we get through lifetimes of pain, density, healing, karmic debt and soul lessons, that there won’t be any more Voids to undergo. This is not to say that we won’t ever experience sadness or negative thoughts and feelings. We will be able to process these things from a higher awareness. I myself am not there yet, however, I do feel closer than ever to blooming.

Blooming is when you as a Starseed or Being that incarnated into 3D density, finally ascends into returning home with the last 3D vessel of your dualistic human existence. This is when you have found your light time after time in this lifetime. You have rooted yourself into the Earth for who knows how long, and forged a pathway of ascendance to 5D reality, by shining your inner light that is unique to you. Wherever and whenever you have been planted on this earth, is like your stand post. When you bloom, you shine as a lighthouse, and become a point of photonic light on the grid of awakened soul family members. When you bloom onto “New Earth,” you become an Ascended Master in the flesh, and you can co-create your reality with source, and be effortlessly able to fulfil your soul’s purpose.

We have gotten tastes of this reality via the process of manifestation, divine inner guidance of our intuition, and synchronous intervening moments along our soul’s ascension. Many of us are pushing through the final Void. This is where any final low density timelines, emotions, and karma converge. Many of you might be feeling like the universe needs to throw you a damn bone! Well…I’ve realized that it is! Think about what things have come to pass, and what cycles have transitioned up toward your highest good. What timelines have ended or metamorphosed? How many times has apart of you cocooned and rebirthed as a butterfly or phoenix rising? If you are about to bloom in light, you are in the topsoil.

The next monthly newsletter will be an article discussing fluidity in your purpose, releasing expectation, root chakra grounding, gratitude for having your basic needs met, and surrendering to ebb and flow.

A Personal Note: I’d like to thank all you for supporting Melanade Stand as I transition into my own blooming. You all have been a stronghold for me, helping me stay afloat emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. I thank you for your whole acceptance of my personality, and uniqueness. So many of you have been following me for over a year, and I know your energies personally. Thank you for being apart of my journey just as much as I am apart of yours. With Love, -F

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