Help Wanted!
Soham Dutta

You’re a good writer, so keep writing. I was editing a collection of my essays yesterday, and cursing the fact that while I have some hits, there are plenty of misses. Some need to be re-written, and others need to be abandoned altogether.

If you are a writer, then you need to keep writing. Not everything you write will be a gem. Every factory has a quality control process. You need one too. As writers we are told not to love our babies too much. You have to accept that some of your work is for public consumption and some is not. Sometimes, no matter the beauty of the mental concept, the end product doesn’t work and you need to scrap it. Every factory, production facility and printing press has a pile of rejected crap in a bin waiting for disposal. So do you. Keep writing, be honest with yourself, toss the junk and keep going. Some pieces can be fixed, others need to be abandoned. Don’t waste time trying to fix something that isn’t working.

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