10 Free Fonts for the Week (#9)

Fantastic Fonts and Where to Download Them

Here are ten of the most hot free fonts in the past week.
I find a lot of designers are looking for font resources around the internet. They might provide a picture and ask what font is it in or they might just ask a specific font file. I collect ten of them this week and make a list publishing here to help more people to find what they need.

№1 Arev Sans http://en.fontke.com/font/10241312/

Arev Sans

№2 Arundina Sans http://en.fontke.com/font/10331336/

Arundina Sans

№3 Arundina Sans http://en.fontke.com/font/10222790/

Arundina Sans

№4 Work of Fortress http://en.fontke.com/font/10735253/

Work of Fortress

№5 Born Addict https://en.fontke.com/font/13074394/

Born Addict

№6 Asap http://en.fontke.com/font/10648816/


№7 Monem ExtraBold http://en.fontke.com/font/10263149/

Monem ExtraBold

№8 Jaldi http://en.fontke.com/font/10706237/


№9 TomBecker http://en.fontke.com/font/10021140/


№10 TrendexSSK http://en.fontke.com/font/10053585/


These fonts are asked or looked for around the internet on Facebook groups, twitter, reddit, VK and even Quora. I’d like to select them to this article to make others more convienent to find them if they need these free fonts.
Of course, I’d like to help more people. So, if you want to find some fonts, either free or not, you can leave your comment here, and I will see what I can do to help you.
Have a good day!

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