I am trying to write a book called Art of Struggle. This book might sound similar to art of war but it’s even more scientific and nerdy. I combined many things into one. Humanity will be destroyed if they don’t listen to what I have to say. It’s because Satan deceives people thinking they can have a bit of ego. Satan telling people to treat everybody as a number.

This is why we have drone attacks on Iranian and U.S. warships, this is why we U.S warships are hitting each other mysteriously. This is also why we haven’t really discovered anything in last 80 years. Tensor calculus is also missing quantum self-correction wave trapped in double-slit experiment.

Spiritual unity is the key. I discussed how Covid19 has been created and spread. Quantum mechanics is missing companion wave and self correction wave.

Virus is always praying, biding it’s time, waiting for the perfect moment. When scientists are trying to make patented vaccines, they are changing virus faster than natural virus evolution. This makes the virus outside the lab wall automatically mutate and become deadly against humans. Virus consciousness can breach any walls because they are small, little mass, they have no ego, so they are spiritually united better than humans. They are always self correcting, so their quantum companion wave (birdy-souls) are united.

I also have a plan for fixing political turmoil. We fix nationalism, capitalism and fiat currency based economy but we keep economical purpose. We build a rail network in middle east and Africa, which is blockchainable. So we keep track of oil and natural gas barrels. We plant trees. Tree plantation will end racism once and for all. This will unite Mecca, Morocco, Acre, Rwanda and Tanzania. This will also revive Nile river and protect environment.

For blockchain nonce, I say instead of numeric nonce, create poetrical nonce. These poetry written in Arabic, Shakespearing English and older languages.

— — — — — — — — — —

Art of Struggle

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Amendment 3: QuantumCorona, whatever goes around comes around

“An empire toppled by thousand enemies can rise again, but the one that crumbles from within, that one is dead. Forever.”

What is an empire? What is an enemy?

What is death, and what is life?

Are life and death Creator’s creations?

Is there a Creator? God?

Should I question God? Should I question It’s existence?

What is a question?

They say life begins with God, but does it?

Or did life begin with a simple question?

What’s out there?

And if life begins with a question, what was the answer?

Does there have to be an answer? Does the answer have to be right?

Did life really begin with a question or did life begin with a simple truth?

The truth about God.

Can I prove God’s existence?

Is it possible to prove existence of Creator to His/It’s creation? Isn’t proving existence of a creator itself is self-contradictory as the concept of ‘Proof’ itself comes from Creator?

Is it possible to prove God’s existence with proof of concept or mathematical induction methods?

I don’t think so. However it should be possible to use induction method to prove the philosophy of God to a certain degree.

Methods can be used to prove that ‘The Monotheistic God’ can be ‘the ultimate algorithm’, ‘the ultimate connection’, ‘the ultimate test’, ‘the ultimate unseen’, ‘the ultimate unbelievable amazement’ to a certain degree, but it can never be a complete proof.

Why does the word need to be ‘God’ or ‘Creator’, why can’t it be ‘Universe’, ‘Nature’?

Why shouldn’t it be called ‘One Connection’ like in Buddhist tradition?

Why shouldn’t it be called ‘The Ultimate Abstract Pattern’ like in Islamic tradition?

If it’s called ‘Nature’, would that mean that everything natural is right? Every instinct we have is the right instinct and there is no need to think or choose? Wouldn’t that cause total chaos?

If it’s called ‘Universe’ or ‘Seen Universe’, wouldn’t that mean people will try to escape to the outer universe instead of fixing their own problems by helping each other.

Wouldn’t it mean everybody will start to only care about the ‘Greater Good’ instead of caring about just the right thing.

Would God create a universe where everybody only cares about a top down system or would God create a universe where just an apparent insignificant humble act, a simple right choice can bring heaven down upon earth.

Wouldn’t God create a testing universe where humans can unleash hell upon earth just by doing a little sin.

Just by telling a little lie.

To themselves.

The worst lies are what we tell ourselves.

Can it be called ‘Unseen Universe’? After all scientists now claim everything in this universe, from lightspeed to strong and weak nuclear forces, everything and everyone is being controlled by the unseen universe.

Isn’t lightspeed the acceleration rate of the universe? Isn’t lightspeed a changing constant? Didn’t it increase in last few centuries?

Is it somehow connected to ‘the belief in the unseen’?

When I don’t believe unseen things happening, unseen consequences, unseen God, then I eventually only believe in seen things.

I believe in constants, even though constants are not constants, they are being controlled by unseen, by ‘The Unseen’. They are only constants in current domain.

When I don’t believe in Unseen God, I will treat myself, my dynasty, race, nationality or culture as a God, then I can do anything I want to others.

Then we can do anything we want to ourselves, or so we think.

If the word ‘God’ is called ‘random probability in an infinite universe’, wouldn’t be confusing? Aren’t Randomness, probability and infinity the same thing?

If infinity is our god, wouldn’t we want infinite money, power and sex? Wouldn’t that create total anarchy? Aren’t we in a totally chaotic world? Aren’t we in a giant pyramid scheme?

Am I too blind to see it? Am I dumb enough not to understand the tricks of Satan? Have I been wise enough to see the works of Knights Templar?

Obfuscated pyramid scheme.

Every new ‘innovation’, or more correctly, discovery in any field makes them uncomfortable.

Makes them scared.

Scared of the truth.

The truth that has to make them humble.

If the word is called Connection, Pattern or Abstraction, doesn’t it make it even more easier for me to prove existence of ‘One Connection’ between all humanity?

One Ultimate Pattern of all patterns to be recognized by all.

One Supreme Abstraction which can’t be matched by any other abstractions.

One who is the definition of magnificent.

The Magnificent.

Even thinking about that One is so amazing it makes everybody amazed.

Even thinking about One is so amazing it makes everybody an amazing person.

Adult people don’t get amazed anymore. To us everything is random, we don’t have to be amazed, happy and grateful. We just have to believe things are as perfect as they are, we don’t have to learn anything from history, we just have to have short time pleasure. God can give us the long term goal. God may give us the longest goal.

The Ultimate Projection.

God is a projection of our hearts. God is a tool. If we have ego and we hate people, we will see God as a tool of hatred. If we have love and respect we will see God as an eternal merciful being.

Let God exist,

Does this make things easier for me?

Does this make things easier for all of us?

If I believe in God, do I have to blame others for all the bad things in my life?

If we all believe in God, do we have to blame each other for all the bad things in our life?

If we all believe in God, do we have to blame other races for all the bad things in our country?

If we all believe in God, do we have to blame other nations for all the bad things in our world?

Or maybe can we just credit and blame an abstract idea for all the things happening in our lives. So we keep ourselves on track. We don’t get distracted or depressed. No matter what happens we can always stay in control, amazed at the God’s test.

If God exist, why can’t there be a Satan, who possesses human mind.

More correctly, deceives human mind, doesn’t actually possess it.

Most correctly, creates ego in human mind.

Creates ego in human heart to make them think they don’t have any responsibility.

That the man doesn’t have any debt.

Neither any debt to himself nor to the society.

Neither any debt to God neither to humanity.

If there is a God, do we need a ritual to praise him? What would this ritual be like?

Would the ritual be coming from God? Would it be about praising God?

Would it be about praising ourselves because we believe in our God?

Would it be about judging others?

Maybe actually the ritual would be more about self-correction and self-reflection?

Did life begin with a simple question?

What’s out there?

If life begins with a question, what was the answer?

Maybe life needed to be honest to itself to even dare to ask that question.

Maybe life was always self-correcting itself.

Continuous self correction is the key.

If I don’t believe in other peoples religion

If I don’t believe in organized religion

If I consider other people to be more deceptive than me

Lying more often than me

Can I found my own religion?

Can I found my own religion like Kung Fu from Kung Fu Panda?

How did Master Oogway create a new religion called Kung Fu?

When Master Oogway found peace and harmony in universe where was he?

They say he was at The Pool of Sacred Tears. But is it The Pool of Sacred Tears or is it a Pool of sacred tears.

Can this river be a pool of sacred tears? Can I be a ‘naturwissenschaften’ by watching nature?

Was Master Oogway looking at just the sky or was he looking at the pool?

Was he correcting himself continuously?

Don’t think big, think small

Small is humble

Humility is big.

Perhaps he realized no matter how hard he tries to quantify something there will always be a qualitative attribute in there we can never really even begin to understand.

That made him even more humble. He was always learning.

If I look at this river and just believe, can I see a miracle?

Can it be a miracle?

Miracle happens for those who believe it.

Promise me Shifu, promise me you will believe.

Do I just need to believe?

Maybe I also need to read.

Do I believe what I read?

Do I believe a book?

Do I believe any book?

If I do, do I really act upon it?

If I do, why didn’t I try to write my own book?

Do I believe what I say?

Do I believe my own book? Am I not the biggest hypocrite in the world if I don’t even follow my own book?

Does ‘ikra bismi rabbuka’ mean ‘ikra bismi rabbuka’? Or does it mean ‘ikra bismi companica’? Do I read in the name of God or read in the name of a company or nationalism?

Should I believe everything scientists, corporations, media and governments say? Should I believe in the system made by humans completely?

Or should I be a skeptic? Isn’t everything we see in this world our projection?

Projection of our hearts.

We can only believe what we see.

And we can only see what we believe in.

No matter how hard I try I can only see what I believe in.

By looking at the river and reading quantum mechanics I realized, small particle, particles without almost any mass are the most sinister.

Mass is ego.

Particle has no ego, particle is always learning and self-correcting.

Particle is humble.

Particle can choose where it will be.

Particle can choose where it is right now.

If I am humble I can also choose my place. If I have no ego I can go anywhere.

I can multi-thread myself like a computer does. I can go within the thickest wall made by humans or anyone and go behind them.

If I have enough love, respect, compassion and mercy, I can walk like I have a blink dagger.

Small particle, big frequency.

Bigger particle, smaller wave.

Waves can’t really self-correct itself.

What is a wave? There cannot be a wave without something there to vibrate.

Electro-magnetic wave is nothing but vibration of time dimension.

Particle’s companion wave depends on how humble it is.

Particle’s self-correction frequency depends on how frequently particle self-correct itself.

Small particle, big frequency.

Mass is ego. That is the unsolved mystery of Space-time theory at this moment.

Small particle has no ego, it can always learn. It can see past, present and future.

Small particle has no ego, it can always adapt within a certain limit.

Limit that God gave it.

Without God, there is no connection between things happening around us, everything is a reality tv show. Everybody is an Anchorman.

Photon, electron and other small particles know this.

That’s why there are lots of self-correction waves trapped inside the quantum double-slit experiment. That’s why particles work weirdly.

Once we understand that we can make proper prediction. Once we have no ego we can make predictions.

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Companion wave and self-reflection wave are the true meanings of tensor calculus.

Tensor calculus works weirdly because we don’t understand how basic addition works.

How do we count? We add numbers. We add one after another.

We add constants. We add particles.

Why do we need calculus. A basic addition algorithm doesn’t work when things are variable, when things are variating, vibrating.

We need differential and integral calculus for variables.

Integral calculus is about pattern recognition.


Wave patterns.

Because it is working with a frequency wave, calculus can work with variables easily.

However, if we let us understand that if we have no ego we can do everything, if we realize everything is testing and teasing us, if we believe and work upon it, if we just tell the truth always and always self-correcting, we can realize the true meaning of Tensor calculus.

If we realize within the double slit experiment there are many small self-correction frequencies trapped inside, there is probably a big companion wave, and there is one small particle.

That’s how Tensor calculus works, sometimes wave, sometimes particle. Most of the time working with variable, sometimes constant.

Hardy’s paradox:

If particles go through middle slit often, small self correction wave (which is probably 9/10/11/12 times weaker than companion wave) will become powerful and prevent one of the particles to go through middle slit. That’s how in Hardy’s paradox both particles can end up in unexpected location. It’s not superposition, its spirituality. It’s not paradox, its self-correction.

(my ridiculous claim- Sometimes electron can swap, we can’t realize it, but in Hardy’s paradox electron can swap between themselves in extremely rare circumstances. This happens because companion wave.)

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Black death


Italian plague


Small pox


May flower


French Plague


Cholera and Yellow Fever


Spanish flu



Every century the mankind suffers plagues.

Why do we have these plagues?

Because we don’t have our spiritual eyes anymore, we only see what is out there physically. And things are only getting darker without any new proper discovery. We are mass producing just for mass production’s sake, not to distribute things properly. We have confused goals with means.

We say scientists don’t have to be humble, we say trust the scientist and scientific methods. However scientific methods, divorced from spirituality, cannot solve our problems because it cannot even measure them. The measurement scales, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology are wrong because they are devoid of abstract pattern recognition, geometry, and poetry.

The 4th dimension is time, but it’s tied to 5th dimension, the 5th dimension is life (We shouldn’t call dimensions as 4th and 5th ones but I will do it anyway).

How was HIV virus created? How were many new diseases created? Virus is a result of our sin. Coronavirus and many other viruses have been created from bad habits like eating bats or chimpanzees. Ebola virus was created by African tribes eating brains of ancestors. Non-Abrahamic food habits creates most of the diseases. However these acts don’t happen in massive scale so diseases spread through corporate patent laws and capitalist vaccines.

1950s Israeli based scientists were manipulating Hepatitis virus in Africa to mass produce vaccines with patent laws. A virus is not that much bigger than an electron. While scientists were manipulating RNA/DNA, the viruses outside the lab, inside the chimpanzees, become aware of the change.

This happens because viruses are small and humble. All living being knows, deep down they know they are not really important to God so they want to be humble. Companion wave works better if I have self correction. Viruses are self correcting so the knowledge of patented man-made mutation on them goes public. A manipulated virus don’t have to go physically through lab wall to tell it’s brothers. They just know through prayer and meditation.

According to Kenneth Anderson and many other hunters, once a tiger starts eating human, it grows an ego. The whole forest will become silent when a man-eating tiger enters the scene. This happens because when the tiger has an ego to become man-hunter, it becomes large particle, and it’s frequency becomes smaller. The animals and insects in forests can realize the man-eating animal’s evil frequency so they become totally silent.

Now speaking about HIV and other viruses, some of those virus change themselves and become evil, they become man-eater. Once they become man-hunter they can’t really go between walls ‘magically’. They can only contract through materialized world. Their spirituality is dead. HIV-like virus was created inside lab, then HIV was created outside lab walls ‘magically’. After that HIV contracts to humans, then human spreads HIV within themselves through open sex and homosexuality culture.

Zika virus was not created inside patented U.S. based labs in Brazil, but manipulating viruses inside mosquitoes created Zika virus outside the lab walls.

Similar thing happened with Ebola and European patented medicine research facilities in Africa and Dengue→ Chikungunya and U.S. based vaccine research farms in Philipine. If you don’t believe me, put virus research facility beside Capitol Hill or European parliament (I am joking don’t do that), then start manipulating the RNAs. Why does every patent research farm have to be in poor countries like Africa and South America?

Deep down, you know I am telling the truth. There is a reason why Israelis don’t do biological patents anymore. They only research use non-biological chemistry, sometimes they use white phosphorus on children, but bio-weapon research is not welcome there.

A dangerous variant of Coronavirus, probably was discovered by U.S military forces late 2019 outside their research lab. They stopped the research but C.I.A. don’t want to tell scientists the reason behind anything, they just tell scientist to respect the system, respect current culture. What happens when the system collapses?

In China, ruled by crazy communist party, near Covid19 was transferred by U.S. military during Wuhan Games. It was probably semi-accidental. Bio research labs in Wuhan started to test virus fast, but when you are doing it too fast, virus is going to mutate, just like in particle physics particle is always a wave if you don’t observe it.

CCPvirus was created, but outside the walls of the lab. The market then worked as a catalyst to the disaster, because people living in Wuhan eats non-Abrahamic food, Covid19 was a disaster for them. However in other cities of China people didn’t suffer from Covid19 that much.

The problem then became a pandemic because of CCP. CCP is an illiterate satanic party with no regard of human life. They thought they can do human transplant in middle of a flu. However just because they believe in godless monstrosity doesn’t mean God will not punish them. When CCP organ harvests from Uyghur women that creates a huge problem. Monotheistic women, or women in general, shouldn’t be organ harvested, but to CCP everything has to be about money or power, they don’t have any spirituality so they forcibly organ harvested from people.

This created problem. Because if you take one lung from a non-smoker friend and years later friend started smoking and diagnosed with cancer your lung cancer chance will increase by a significant percentage. Human self-correction is powerful. We are not supposed to judge others, that makes us CCP and Seasme Credit System. However when people pray in private, when people really repent their souls to Allah, miracles will happen. One of the miracles is organs-connection to each other ‘magically’ through quantum world.

God tests us with godlike power. When we try to claim or even imply that there is no God and we are gods and we can do anything, when we patent our researches things will come back to haunt us, spiritually. Once our sins pile up, hell lets loose.

We are not supposed to live by greed. We are not supposed to manipulate things than we actually need. We are not supposed to manipulate biological beings faster than natural evolution speed. If we do this things will happen to us magically. The disasters we have in current world are man-made, or more correctly, corruption-made.

An empire of lies truth is the greatest treason. An empire of lies truth is the biggest deception. Our eyes have been so blind even when pointed directly at a corrupt system we will refuse to believe, we will refuse to do pattern recognition, we will refuse to think for ourselves, we will refuse to follow Abraham.

If we claim Jesus will come back to earth, what does it mean? Should we wait and pray for Jesus and do bad things, things Jesus would absolutely hate? China suffered much because CCP does not honor Jesus in any way, they don’t have free speech or freedom of religion. Even their doctors have been arrested for warning about CCPflu. CCP, being communist, used to do human sacrifices but now they have organ harvesting scheme for capitalistic reason. Jesus wanted free speech and Jesus was not very fond of spying on people to check their pray style, CCP checks everybody and give them a social score based on their corrupt speeches. It’s no surprise people suffered in China and not in Taiwan.

CCP also don’t understand one thing, telling lies to people is not easy, the truth is written in your forhead. When CCP blatantly lies Chinese people about CCPvirus they seem to believe the party, but deep down they know the truth. That’s how their soul gets weaker and corrupted. After some time, their soul and body gets so weak Covid19 can easily kill them. Once we tell lies and want to listen to lies we become spiritually dead.

Italy suffered because Italy has no healthcare and they have idol-worshipping in obfuscated style. Italy is divided between city-nationalism, so instead of building hospitals they build large stadiums and large statues and they scream at each other. They laughed and ignored doctors’ advice. They said ‘These diseases are Asian problem, won’t happen to us”, they said “Wars at Yemen and Syria are middle eastern problem, won’t happen to us”. As they are divided they became one of the worst victim of satanic disaster. They judged others and God judged them. Smoking in a time of flu won’t help.

Same thing happens to U.S.A. For years U.S.A. focused on bombs and drones instead of feeding kids in Flint, Michigan. Instead of building hospitals, they built temples were they gamble and drink alcohol. Wall street and Las Vegas, gambling, alcohol and strip club based economy won’t survive in a time of a disaster. The wall street city, New York suffered the most because New Yorker were busy with president and big government instead of caring about own governors and corporate lobbyists. Drugs and Fiat currency based economy won’t help them.

They scream and chant ‘We are the great’. Alas! We have God so God is the only one to be great, we can only be good.

Similar thing happened in U.K. as well, stupid leaders cannot help people, they can’t even help themselves. Even after suffering from Covid, U.K. prime minister still cares about protecting big pharma and opioid wars instead of building hospitals.

Psychopathic leaders will cause total destruction on planet Earth. Our leaders are psychopath because we are psychopath, we care about winning and feeling good instead of helping people. Of course we knew about Epstein, Prince Andrew and CIA, but we didn’t really want to know it. Knowing about covert ops and cover-ups too much will make us guilty and responsible.

However ignorance is not bliss. The ‘American Way of Life’ we follow, deep down we know we are not supposed to treat it like a God. We fool nothing but ourselves. Every community, every nation and every race thinks they are better than others, they judge others, then they get judged by God. God has the greatest quantum measurement gate of all time. U.S.A. and C.I.A. tried to play good cop bad cop routine. Unfortunately only God can play good cop bad cop routine, if we don’t follow God’s rule he will become worse. However we cannot be a bad cop, we have to only try to be good.

While U.S. military was burning Vietnam to the ground, serial killer and absolute sadistic people popped up in U.S.A. While U.S.A. and NATO were busy with oil wars and war on terror, U.S.A. suffered 400 terrorist attacks every year. Americans pretended to be surprised, but it’s obvious. When we bomb weddings in rural Afghanistan, of course the frequencies gonna reach our backyard and people will become crazier easily and going to participate in school shootings.

Space time:

Why can’t we reach 1.0c yet? Well, to answer that we need to know what we are doing. Everything, every action has a cost. Not all cost can be measured by current materialized scale. The cost can be in spiritual scale as well. Let’s try poetry.

What happens when I reach 1.0c? If I achieve 100% lightspeed, I can breach barrier of space-time, I can live forever, wherever. I can choose which time or place to go to, I can choose multiple time and place to be, at the same time.

To do that I have to have no ego, no mass. When I have no ego, I am flying in the skies in a bird flock, diving deepwater like a seal, standing in any place, any time, all place, all the time.

However we can only reach .99c, but not 1.0c. That means no matter how much energy I use, I am still being limited, limited by spirituality. God doesn’t want us to get to heaven because we are not worthy yet, our understanding is still very primitive, our consciousness is immature.

We can beat space-time if we have enough spirituality, enough self-correction. If we just do the right thing and pray. We help each other, we fix our communities first, we feed the poor and shelter homeless instead of judging others. This the opposite of quantum mechanics, where particle needs little energy and lot of prayers. There has to be a balance between these work and prayer.

If we try to speed up one single particle to 0.3c, it will take lot of energy as the mass of the particle will start increasing instead of speed. However why so much individualism? Let’s try to energize couple of particles together, if we do that we will see we need lot less energy for a single particle’s 30% lightspeed achievement.

We cannot be the chosen one. There is no chosen one. There is only loved ones. We have to try to prove ourselves to be proven one. Then we stay proven one for some time and then we back to loved ones again. At no time we can say we are the chosen ones.

At no point we can grow ego, it will create a blackhole, blackhole is created by a small lie, a small ego and then it grows and collapses within itself. Mass grows and the star collapses within itself.

How can I breach space-time? Maybe if all others pray for me from their heart, that little push can help me breach space-time. Let me breach space-time, let me reach heaven where I will live forever.

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Having a little mass, needing a little energy is actually helpful. Photons can’t go massive distances faster than light because it has no mass. However, an electron or muon can beat photon by traveling far greater distances than photon if that electron could use lot of energy. Massless photons are actually limited by their ‘advantage’.

“A true kung fu master analyze his opponent’s strength and weakness and use those against him.”

(There is also an observational frequency but I don’t understand how it works in this river, light reflection when water is flowing north? I don’t have any proper idea now.)

What does a wave look like?

Geese almost always swim in pairs in this German river.

When a goose swims on water it creates a specific type of pattern. A wave looks like that pattern. Interference pattern is somehow connected to the swimming of a goose on water.

Particle looks like Islamic abstract art, which itself is a compilation of abstract geometry from other civilizations such as Persian Zoroastrian arts and Roman Pagan architectures. We know this for quite some time. However corporations and clergies, or more correctly corporate clergy circles are censoring many scientific discoveries. Mass media always follows internal memos written by corporate clergies before publishing any news to the population is massive scale.

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Homeopathy and herbal medicine:

Homeopathy and kung fu-ish medicine were almost pseudo-sciences because the science wasn’t there for last hundred years, but with enough self-correction homeopathy worked. Right now homeopathy ‘doctor’ and patient both need prayer and meditation to work but in future it can be more accurate. Maybe patient will not need self correction in future.

Herbal medicine is lot better than anything else because it’s preventive. Remember we already have a cure for cancer. We know eating certain vegetables daily can reduce cancer risk by hundreds of percent, while eating cheese-burgers and processed foods every day increase the risk by huge margin. Chinese people realized they can’t really depend on CCP propagana, they started using garlics and orange juice and other vegetables and fruits as herbs and reduced the risk.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Amendment 2: Force Accelerating, spiritually united force will be greater than anything humans can even imagine

“And when they seek to oppress you
And when they try to destroy you,
Rise and rise again and again
Like the Phoenix from the ashes
Until the lambs have become lions
and the rule of Darkness is no more”

Our problems are connected into one. One monotheistic God or monotheistic Connection can solve our problems. In times like these we have to go back to square one, we have to look back at our problems philosophically.

If people ignore me and don’t follow most of what I am saying human civilization will soon come to an end. Well you probably shouldn’t follow all of it, as I am not even religious, but most of it is crucial for this civilization. Even spending a trillion dollar on science will not produce any fruitful result without self-correction, quantum self-correction is the key.

Ikra bismi rabbuka means read in the name of your God. Am I really reading to find my meaning in God’s calculation or Am I reading to find my meaning in the eyes of people?

Scientists are scientists because they can makes sense of math with poetry.

Scientist like Einstein figured out that many things happening in physics are related, he combined many of the equations into one. That’s how he proved existence of molecules, that’s how he realized lightspeed is same even in different reference frame.

Same thing with Neuton. People had the astronomical data, but it didn’t make any sense, Neuton understood the data have to follow a specific rule, so he made a ‘poetry’ to make sense of the milky way.

Scientists are scientists because they are poets.

What do we have here?

Most of world’s business are illegal/semi-legal. World’s biggest business are opium trade, secret gas pipeline, weapons business, private slave prisons, human trafficking, prostitution, crazy clergies, drone strikes, private hospitals in countries with hundred thousand dead plague victims, bankrupt cities with big pyramids, science that hasn’t discovered anything new in last hundred years, moons that we didn’t land on after the cold war.

Saudis are making secret gas pipeline (they call it a megaproject) under Jordan, Syria, Turkey to supply fracked gas to Germany. Germany buys gas from Russia, they want to be either dependent on KSA or solar energy. This is the reason why Saudi dynasty is killing journalists, kidnapping tribal leaders, Lebanese president and even some youtubers (what the f). This is the reason why Saudis and the Iranians are in proxy war.

Why are we fighting crazy clergies, racists, corrupt bankers, bribed military generals and ultra-rich politicians who never goes to poorest of their constituent?

World is crazy because we think it’s crazy.

‘Your mind is like water, when you are agitated you can’t see. But if you let it settle the answer becomes clear.’

World is crazy because we think it’s crazy. However when we calm down and get rid of our ego, the answer becomes clear.

Lightspeed and Earth are vibrating now. Earth’s magnetic core is shifting faster every second. There will be anomalies after anomalies. Plagues after plagues. The animals under the ocean will attack sea beaches. The flies will be deadly. Snakes will be demons. Climate is changing.

People don’t want to kill each other by birth. However people will radicalize when somebody in their land plays god with them. People don’t want to be a slave of other human. Deep down they want to be a slave of the unseen monotheistic god, not to a man or secret oil rigs. When we try to destroy Earth, Earth will send forces in much greater number and will make us ‘Taama taama’.

I have a plan. My plan is mostly correct. More importantly, it is right.

Let’s spin every innovation, our innovation are telling us something. In the right spin, when the heart is in right position our innovation can save us. Unfortunately they can also destroy us in wrong hands.

‘I will do what is called a pro gamer move’

How do we stop fiat petrodollar? How do we stop wars?

‘It is well enough that the people don’t understand how money works, if they did there would be revolution before tomorrow morning’.

It’s simple. Blockchain everything. Vitalik and Andreas are right. However this depends on the Germans. Germans are very politically active and they can force the government into blockchaining every Joule of energy they consume. So suddenly no newspaper going to put ‘hey we have more oil now, don’t ask where they come from’.

This happens in U.S.A often, people don’t really care what is going on abroad. ‘Hey why is our neighborhood completely destroyed by cocaine and opium? Why are you fracking in my yard?’ Well, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Nicaragua rebels are the biggest opium and cocaine producers. Weapon of Mass Destruction a.k.a Iraq war taught companies about fracking and profiting from pollution. Why not in U.S.A? Whatever goes around comes around.

However current German culture is not based on alcohol, strip clubs and gambling wall street, it’s based on books. So Germans can force their fiat overlord E.U.crats to stop making the secret gas pipeline.

Blockchain that bloody gas pipeline under Syria. Don’t let a single Joule be created without distributed public ledger. Blockchain every barrel of oil, hell, blockchain every molecules and atoms. BLOCKCHAIN EVERYTHING.

However, just stopping the gas pipeline under Syria won’t solve another problem. Russian oligarchy. How to stop Russian oligarchy? How to stop fiat war? How to stop light-skin racism around the world?

It’s simple. We build trains. Instead of the secret gas pipeline a.k.a. megaproject Saudi’s are making to export natural gas, we build a rail network. If we build a proper rail network in middle east and eastern Europe, we fix many problems at once.

Firstly it’s easier to blockchain. So we keep track of how many barrels of oil and gas coming to Europe. So less tax evasion. Better income distribution. Public will actually control their fate instead of corrupt politicians who only listens to their corporate overlord.

More mass transit. Europe stopped going wars at each other because they have better rails. They don’t have crazy landowners and hard borders anymore, no House of Lords here.

Less climate change. If we build German style R.E. and I.C.E trains, with lots of compartment for cycles, the cyclists will travel short distances and

Less plagues, more jobs. Which German state capital had fewer Coronavirus deaths? The green one, with better mass transit.

A king does not kill a king. Stuttgart treats her people like a king. That’s why Stuttgart has almost zero murder rate.

Lastly, Earth will always warm up, what we need is to freedom to travel. Mass transit can give us that freedom. More mass transit, less violence, less flood victims, better economy. Maybe not that great GDP number though.

We can’t really stop consuming carbons. We will need lot more meat and fuel production. However if we can tree-fy the entire Sahara we can finally have our ‘lifestyle’. The reason ‘American way of life’ doesn’t work is it involves short term goal over long term goal. It’s based on warfare and nationalism. It’s based on ‘who do we bomb next?’. It’s not based on tree plantation.

“Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.”

”You’ve seen one tree you’ve seen them all.”

Well no wonder drug dealer president wanted less trees and more cocaine-opium wars.

Why Nile is dying? Why every rivers are dying?

Why people are angry about Panama canal expansion?

It’s because everything is connected. You can call it ‘birdy quantum connection’ or whatever scientists coming up with. No matter what scientist discovers next year you just have to believe things are connected abstractly.

“Promise me Shifu, promise me you will believe”

Suez canal is hurting Nile. So is Panama canal. Earth is connected.

So we build rail in entire Africa to Egypt. We connect Rwanda and Tanzania to Morocco and Egypt. This creates more jobs, and more importantly we don’t need canals, we get to build naval ports and rail network.

We connect Acre with Lebanon and Jordan. Then connect Mecca and Medina with Eastern Palestine. We get to plant more trees. More long term benefit. More peace and prosperity. More oil consumption, but that won’t be a problem if we have enough trees. We can win both in this materialized world and the spiritual other if we can keep a balance.

“Promise me Shifu, promise me you will believe”

“A peach tree can’t defeat Tai Long”

Well maybe a peach tree can. We just have to believe.

The cyclists will plant trees everywhere, two specific types of trees will end eternal warfare once and for all (feel free to use your imagination which two types of tree I am talking about). The war on poor people will finally be over only if we do this.

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Intent matters. Every civilization had corrupt clergy and politician. They told people “Hey let’s build this pyramid. This will increase economy. THE GDP!!! The numbers!!”

Intent matters. Numbers mean nothing without spirituality.

Egyptian pyramid were built by professional and respected laborers, according to modern archeologists.. However later society collapsed because deep down they knew they are fooling themselves by believing their clergies. The pharaoh later demands other megaprojects to protect his kingdom and bureaucracy, These unfruitful projects kill an empire.

Even if people want to be fooled, think a small lie doesn’t matter, but it does. When everybody is lying their sins piles up and creates a giant pyramid scheme. That’s why we are in a giant pyramid scheme today. We fool nobody but ourselves.

That’s the true meaning of a triangle.

What’s the true meaning of a circle?

New confession of economic hitman suggests that C.I.A. has infiltrated every politicians inner circle through money, power and sex, the new trinity. They know politicians only wanted power, so they manipulated their ego. They infiltrate with numbers. C.I.A and other deep state make fake numbers for their real estate developers.

These type of inner circles, for a politician should have been different. The constituents should have been the watch dogs for the politician who is making policy. Instead we have a deep state circle, called surveillance state, who pretends to be watching for the people but they in fact watch for their own purpose. That’s how circle turned into pyramid triangle.

“The people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people.”

However we can beat government and their top-down fiat architecture by using circles to our advantage. We create ring signature. What is the true meaning of a ring signature? We create our own rings with trusted people in community. We protect anonymity while trading. Every community creates their own coins.

Enough of the top down architecture. The pyramid scheme won’t work for us. They won’t audit the federal reserve. They won’t give universal basic income. They will drone us. They will ‘suicide’ bankers from a specific rooftop of wall street. They will scream ‘rail in the desert dangerous’ on their mass media. They will not imprison their buddies working for Knights Templar or billionaires.

U.S.A is the only country which does not have habeas corpus. The president can assassinate anybody even in U.S soil.

Whatever can happen will happen. Murphy’s law. I don’t really have a plan for American oligarchy. Federal reserve probably gonna create a false flag with their gold reserve. Their gold reserve is empty so they will create a false flag and blame China or Al Nusra for stealing their gold reserve. Same thing with Switzerland and their Nazi gold.

So if you are waiting for government to issue incentive to do good, that’s never gonna happen. Fiat overlords like Federal Reserve or EUcrats gonna bail out banks, not people. People have to find way by themselves.

We are tweeting and retweeting, we are calling each other names.

We are quickly judging each other instead of judging each others book.

Can you trust this person? Can you trust this politician?

Why is this about person and not policies. Big government doesn’t work. Top-down architecture won’t work, start using bottom-up.

Why was the Turkish government helping ISIS and trying to create false flag? Why U.S.A helps Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra? It’s simple. Short term goal over long term goal.

Everybody is a friend of General Motors and Ford foundation. These anti-semitic car companies want to pave the earth and create a cyberpunk 2020. They know people only care about themselves. So they offer them a utopia.

However distopia can be seen as utopia. Look at Venus. It looks absolutely beautiful. However if you go there you will burn long before reaching the ground. Greed can burn everything around us. Venus has been fried with greed. That’s why we call it Friday.

We need to learn from the universe. Look at Mercury. If you land at Mercury the sun is just above your head. Just like judgement day.

These war profiteering car companies are only getting stronger because people are not reading books. Current civilization is not based on books and higher brain function. They will know who supports both sides in every war, who supported the Nazis.

If we build enough libraries, everywhere in the desert, people will read. “Build it they shall come”.

We build the rail network by our own. Government is not gonna help us. They will drone strike us for planting a tree in middle of desert. They will call it tree- terrorism or something. But to provide world peace we can’t stop doing that. This tree-train will have to be the biggest wonder of the world. Despite all odds, we will build it.

Wherever the power structure visits, they will find evidence of our existence in the desert, evidence of rail, evidence of libraries.

Of course politicians and military general and clergies will be screaming angrily. It’s because they know any type of reasonable action right now will destroy their power pyramid structure.

We need to understand the true meaning of Neuton’s second law.

Once we create a good rail network everywhere.

However intent matters. We won’t build this mass transit to judge others, we will build it to help others. Unite everyone spiritually. That’s how we get an acceleration, a momentum like no other. Mass is ego, force is spiritual force. When we have no ego and have a spiritual force to unite everybody we will accelerate super fast and reach heaven.

The second amendment in U.S. constitution wanted people to keep freedom of speech. They knew once people don’t have freedom of speech they will kill each other.

However they couldn’t predict guns will be so advanced to kill people. So we spin it.

Rail network is also made out of steel. Mass transit keeps people in peace. Less mass shooting for Americans. Less climate change. More people united. Less individualism. Greater momentum.

We connect the world so even the poorest can have the right to travel. We need to spin the second amendment in certain degree, so it may mean people have to have the right to travel.

(This also coincides with U.S first, fourth and fifth amendments, first amendment is there to create force like newtons first law of motion, fourth amendment is there so government can’t track everybody in time dimension and break 4th dimension for themselves, fifth amendment is there to protect life, life is the fifth dimension. The founding fathers didn’t want the government to play god.)

‘It is well enough that the people don’t understand how money works, if they did there would be revolution before tomorrow morning’

Let’s rethink gold and silver. We will have to make gold and silver out of nothing.

Hmm… that’s interesting.

For silver→ it has to be food. Fiat capitalist billionaires might try to fool us with their mass media, but ultimately people want food.

We need to fix our communities first, instead of asking from big government.

So, when we create blockchain based local cryptocurrency (which we should have done already), we use food as silver. Which household is more hungry? Fix your neighborhood with food-blockchain. Then ‘export’ some of those fishes and chickens.

How about digital gold? Well, I say we go full poet. We go full nerd.

Bitcoin blockchain, if you know technicalities, need a nonce. The nonce is to generate hash in a specific range.

However, this random number and guessing gives computer a big advantage. Humans are not needed anymore. Whoever has the most powerful chip wins the money. That’s why billionaires don’t want to criticize CCP and CCPvirus because they know in future China might control money through ASIC chips.

We spin this. Instead of a numeric nonce we create poetry. The poetry will probably be about your surroundings. That way we know you are human. Language will be nuanced, so Arabic, Shanskrit or older generation Bengali, or Shakespearing English.

Why Arabic? Because older generation language, like Arabic has a unique architecture. Even changing a vowel in Arabic can change the whole word meaning. The sound vibrates. Newer generation language won’t work in this type of hash function nonce poetry (We will call it ‘kobi-coin’).

Even changing a vowel in an Arabic word can change the whole word meaning, and of course the hash will change by changing the simplest thing.

Numbers and mathematics are for mass production. Math cannot discover. We need a new set of math, just like Muslims invented Arabic numerals. We need to discover the philosophy of everything. To do this we need to build libraries. If we keep gathering books we will judge for ourselves, which book was written generations ago, which book has always been criticized, which book has always been validated by science and other measurement scale.

When you find that book, you keep it at the top of the pyramid. That’s why many pyramids of the world in ancient age were being built around same time. People, deep down wanted to understand their inner pyramidic knowledge base. However Satan deceived them and made them build a physical pyramid which serves no purpose other than to keep the power structure solid and keep fooling people.

SpaceX missile got droned,

Inexplicable things attacking USA and Iranian warships,

USA ships accidentally hitting each others.

Why? Because people treat each other as numbers so when we build computers, when we build artificial life, that life will also treat us as numbers. Our children also treat us as numbers.

We are being controlled by our A.I. because of our greed and our ego. Once we have no ego, the answer becomes clear.

Language and poetry are the same thing.

Language and poetry is the key.

In Grand Piano 2016 John Cusak thought Elijah Wood won’t risk humiliating himself by using the wrong piano key. However, the pianist knew one thing. People don’t care about the vibration and rhythm.

People care about a word, a poem, a particle. That’s how self correction quantum mechanics work. A particle with enough self correction which can use companion wave fast enough to connect the dots properly.

The cultures which made from music, vibration and dancing will not survive, however the culture created by books will survive. Language and poetrical nonce in blockchain make sense.

Unfortunately we still need a capitalistic purpose. Germans are good with mass transit and environmental science. Hell, their high chancellor was a quantum chemist before she was environment minister. Germans are good at mechanical engineering as Prussians were good at physics long before anybody else understood how molecules worked. Building train network everywhere gives Germans new jobs, protects Norwegian steel industry, and perhaps gives some jobs to British steel workers.

However we might need to provide steel and not steal. Why is Japan so urbanized? Because of double agent car companies. American military bases in Japan threatens Japan to maintain corporatism, so they are being forced to build a cyberpunk even though they don’t want it. Once Japan has enough mass transit, they won’t need so many tall buildings to calculate numbers, numbers can be calculated by some random computer. We kill bureaucracy and corporate Japan with blockchain. We save Japan from itself.

More peace, prosperity and poetry. Finish.

Finally the Satan who whispers into our ear and deceives us will lose once and for all.

If we have enough self correction.

If we have no ego.

If we are humble enough to spiritually unite.

We connect the world so even the poorest can have the right to travel. If people can travel from Mecca to Jeruzalem in one night, and the whole world in fewer than a month, peacefully, then heaven shall come down to earth and we can finally live in peace.

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as you can say by my nickname, fan of megamind :D I was destined to be supervillain and we were destined to be rivals

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