Did you know that according to a very popular burger chain, 75 burgers are eaten every second of every single day across our Planet! That’s a staggering 2.3 billion burgers, now talk about OTT.

And, “If we are what we eat, with processed and fast food…What are we?”

Oops, what does it say about our 7.5 billion world population? Granted, it’s duly noted that some gourmet burger joints offer bun-less burgers a healthy option, now there’s an apt oxymoron to digest!

So, why do scientists claim Fast Food can be as Addictive as Heroin? Evidence links over-eating fast food to the high sugar-fat- content as it super-stimulates our brain to release pleasure chemicals. Alas, it takes nano-seconds for our brain to develop fast food-cravings. Although, others argue fast food cause blood sugar to peak & plunge, creating a second natural food binge. Irrespective of whether we’re addicted or binging, both ideas support the notion fast food is hazardous to our health.

”And a diet coke”, this epitomises how our attitude towards eating needs to change before our bad-habits are swapped with healthier ones. After working long enough in the food & health businesses as chef & holistic therapist, I realise it will take a lot of convincing to pull the masses from our dark-age foodprint. But with the media’s support, many more of us now recognise healthy eating has to become an important lifestyle choice rather than a fad diet. So, no need to eat less but more like resist our fast food frenzies and retrain our brains into craving healthier-home-cooking?

Foodaceuticals: Healthy Food to Create a Healthier Mind & Mood.

Ever wonder what food whets appetites or boosts the brain? Like to learn how Foodaceuticals lets food be your medicine & medicine be your food? No matter whether you eat meat, fish, veggies or need allergy-free, there is something to tantalize taste buds.

So, is there more to “As Cool as a Cucumber”? …To find out more watch this space!

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