A Modest Food Blog By The Numbers

Most people don’t think about what it takes to support a decently-trafficked website unless they’re in the industry or have a thirst for nerdy data.

As the product guy here @ Foodbeast it’s my job to make sure both the user-facing part of the site and the infrastructure is running well. In order to make that happen I get to see some pretty interesting stats, and thought there might be 4 or 5 people out there interested, so here they are.

Semi-Interesting Stats For July 2015


176 Articles were posted
114 “Bites” were created

Which Garnered

5,624,102 page views from
3,582,820 unique visitors
75% of which were on mobile devices

Which Used

10.3 terabytes of data transfer (THAT’S A LOT OF BACON PIX)
164,211,729 DNS queries
16,927,896 CDN hits

Supported By

2,232 hours of server time on
1 app server, 1 editorial server and 1 database server

Which Had

19 measly software commits — I know, get back to work!

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