Baby Boomers need help!

Here is what keeps baby boomers up at night.

Protection of assets are most critical during pre-retirement.

Those of us who experienced the loses of 2007–08, have been living this chart and wondering why we don’t have more.

Taxes will play a HUGE role in retirement. If not properly positioned, you could be paying a lot in taxes while in retirement.

The question is, do you think taxes are going to go up? The probability is almost certain. So, why would you want to be in a position of paying higher taxes if you could avoid it? Exp. While in retirement, you would need to pull $80,000 from you qualified plan to take home about $60.000. And, don’t forget Social Security is taxed as income as well (in very simple terms).

DO NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Given the current US population and its expected growth, we are in need of finding the right people. Many Baby Boomers are looking to supplement thier income so they can retire comfortably. And some are experiencing age discrimination and really need to do something different while making a difference. Visit my LinkedIn page and send me a message or if you would like to find out more about what I’m talking about.

The Power of Choice is why we can help anyone and everyone accross the entire U.S.

“Help everyone and leave nobody behind”

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