On a surprisingly boring day, I stumbled upon this restaurant at the very center of the Helsinki today. It must have been four or five late afternoon and I was hungry. I usually have lunch early around noon and seven in the evening is the limit I go without smelling my next delicious dinner. Let us just agree that today was a weird day after all.

As soon as I entered the dining hall, I could witness the whole area bursting with complex flavors of aromatic spices. People were talking with theirs friends whom they came to eat with and…

I moved to Helsinki from a small town in the north east Finland more than a decade ago. I do not remember a time when there was no Chinese restaurants in Helsinki. Considering the abundance of ethnic restaurants around, I like to think it as one of the most popular flavor on the plate.

I wanted to record my thought on them before reviewing them one by one because I believe that my thoughts probably represent the thoughts of hundreds of thousands of foodies around. …

Evolution of Foodie Finn

Finland is often misunderstood when it comes to food. When I say food, I mean everything from traditional Finnish foods, junk foods sold in the supermarkets, bakeries in coffee shops to ‘exotic’ ethnic restaurants which are found all over Finland.

One common misunderstanding is that the traditional Finnish food is bad.

Its wrong. Traditional Finnish food is unique, and its disappearing.

Another common misunderstanding is that Finnish people only eat simple ‘boring’ foods, such as boiled potatoes, simple salad and grilled sausages.

That seems to be wrong too. Finland’s food is heavily influenced by foreign food…

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