Time to Make (and Eat) The Doughnuts

Nothing makes me run faster than knowing there are a couple dozen donuts in the break room at work. I often smile saying, “Doughnuts are the way to my heart.” The main reason being that I found some of these donut shops, that do much better than chocolate frosted. I’ve come to appreciate doughnuts so much I have pants with doughnuts printed on them. Whenever friends of mine need something to do in New York City, I’m sure to send them to any of these incredible doughnuteries. Coffee and doughnuts is indeed a verb in my book!

In honor of Donut Fest taking place in New York City on January 23rd, I figured I introduce you to some of NYC’s most inventive doughnuts.

Doughnut Plant

Mark Israel opened this joint in 1994 on Grand Street. Today Doughnut Plant still operates, bringing seasonal specials and daily specials. Once you reach the front of the line, don’t fret. It is IMPOSSIBLE TO GO WRONG with any of their doughnuts. They are home to the best cake doughnuts in New York City. Their Black Out Cake doughnut is a chocolate lover’s paradise.

Doughnut Plant | 379 Grand Street | W 23rd st btw 6th & 7th | New York, NY | 245 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY


Offering a variety of flavors, Dough specializes in yeast doughnuts. As big as these treats appear, they are light, fluffy and easy to indulge. With quality above and beyond the standard options elsewhere, specialties include Dulce de Leche, and Cafe Au Lait.

My favorite is their Glazed Doughnut. Dough satisfies the craving for a classic, and knows what heaven tastes like. This is it! If there were a pile of Dough’s glazed doughnuts I would willingly dive mouth first into them!

DOUGH DOUGHNUTS | 14 West 19th St (at 5th Ave) | New York, Ny

The Doughnut Project

The newcomer to the block in the West Village, The Doughnut Project serves up some very unique flavors, while brewing Brooklyn Brew coffee. These doughnuts are gourmet. One of the most life changing days was they day I was introduced to a ricotta stuffed beet doughnut. “Out of this world”

Another specialty of theirs is not shaped like your everyday doughnuts and it is topped with a generous slice of bacon. Yes, you read that correct BACON!

The Doughnut Project |10 Morton Street | West Village | New York, Ny

Ricotta Stuffed Beet Doughnut is a must! (Left)

Cinnamon Pepita Special (Right)

You can taste more of NYC’s best doughnuts at Donut Fest.

Donut Fest

Saturday, January 23rd

Verboten 54 N 11th Street | Brooklyn, NY 12249

9:30am — 5pm.

$35 for a 2.5 hour slot | GET TICKETS

Article and Photography By Megan Peterson


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