Any excuse to picnic

It’s been hot-hot-hot this week, please excuse the pun, I live in the UK so it’s usually wet-wet-wet. So with the sun out, it has been perfect timing for supporting National Picnic Week, an annual event which runs from the 16th to the 25th June 2017 this year.

Picnic blanket with food

The popularity of picnics is back on the rise again and with the amazing local produce available at this time of year it’s not surprising.

We Brits love to picnic, any excuse, regardless somewhat of the weather outside, location, yes we’ve done some odd locations, ant invasions and mis-timed boiled eggs (6 1/2 minutes if you want that perfect hard but slightly runny centre), picnics are a core staple in our household.

Though, since having children our style has somewhat changed. Long gone are those leisurely affairs with a smorgasbord of M&S delights, washed down with fizz. Replaced by a plethora of plastic boxes, baby wipes and more child friendly food.

We tend to keep it simple at home, with a pick n mix affair of vegetables, fruit, egg, cheese and cold meat, with a few crackers or slice of bread. All served within an individual box per person. My eldest likes to dip his vegetable cruditee into a sauce, so quite often I’ll include a little screw lid pot of salad cream or humous within the box.

Our picnic boxes filled with food

Providing the food in easy manageable pieces and with lots of colour always seems to go down well; and can enable me to sneak in something new for them to try.

Last week’s new taste was pickled artichoke. It’s a bit of a weird choice I must admit, but we had a tin in the larder and I love artichoke, especially on pizza or as a starter, so I wanted to see if my boys would eat it too. They did. Yes it surprised me too!

We’ve had a great time enjoying the heatwave and trying out different combinations in our boxes. Whatever the picnic though, it always includes blueberries, my son’s absolute go-to-food; and it always make a dish look amazing. The weather looks to be holding for now, so why not try out some of the recipes below and enjoy some good food and good company.

Useful resources:

  • A great resource for finding local food near you is the Big Barn website
  • Vote for your favourite picnic spot here.
  • Lovely picnic recipes by BBC Food.

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