Magic Button for Food Discovery? Yes!

2 min readMay 6, 2015

Up until now, the discovery of food has been primarily led by the question ‘where should we go?’ Sure, restaurant ratings have led us to decent places. But how many times have we struggled to order, wasted money on average food and found out later that we should have ordered something else? One too many.

We trust our friends, local food bloggers & publishers — who all recommend, share and write about the specific dishes that moved them. These dish recommendations live dispersed on instagram, blog posts and reviews sites, and exist in many forms.

For those of us who care, a lot of work is needed to organize these recommendations. We try to remember, write down or create lists that are just not easy to access later. The majority of us forget and settle for average food.

With millions of good eats across the world and even more documented on the web, how can we navigate through the noise to find the best dish recommendations in any city? Isn’t there a magic button for this?

At Foodmento, we believe that the world’s best eats should be organized on a single mobile platform so anyone can find and organize eats with just one tap. That’s why we’re focused on aggregating the best dish recommendations from some of the top publishers, chefs and food experts in the world.

Just some of the publishers, chefs and food experts on Foodmento

And yes, we’ve built a magic button that is personalized just for you. How do we do this? We believe our recommendation engine has the right balance of curation, algorithm and filters. Read about it here:

Our mission is to help you eat well every time. Never settle for average food. Give our magic button a try — it may be addictive. Download free iOS app




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