The Dishes You Love…

are the dishes your friends want

We live in a world where we’re all individually leaving daily digital trails of what we do, where we go, what we eat. Yet, there are very few tools that effectively notify us, connect us, excite us — when our friends have just loved an experience we share in common.

That moment when we find and love an amazing new dish, it should be easily captured and unselfishly made available to our friends. Trusted friends are the best curators for our life. At Foodmento, we want to help everyone become a better food curator for their friends. We believe that through food, we can enrich our soul, connect with cultures and people. That’s why we built a mobile platform for dishes to make it easy for you to add and recommend your favorites.

…the dishes you love are the dishes your friends want.

But I already post to Instagram…’ We love Instagram as well because it’s so social. However, the dishes you post are lost over time. It’s hard for others to discover dishes you love at a place. That said, we make it easy for you to share any dish from Foodmento to Instagram and it will pre populate the caption for you.

Pre populated caption (dish name, place name, @place, your rating)

But its too much work…’ When we thought about building the most complete and accurate database of dishes in the world, we wanted to make it super easy for you to add your food discoveries. With just a few taps, you can add every dish you eat (like we do) or just your favorites. Just a little bit of work to build a powerful memory. Your friends will love you for it!

My friends tell me to try all these dishes, but I struggle to remember it all…’ By following friends on Foodmento, you will be able to recommend dishes to each other via the app. We aim to increase the effectiveness of word of mouth. We’ll even notify you when your friends try a dish you love. Let the food you love work for you!

When I travel, I wish I have access to what my friends have loved there…’ We feel the same way. It should be that easy — no more bugging your friends for an email of recommended eats before you travel to Bangkok or London.


Jeff: “I’ve loved 1,600+ dishes in 40+ cities. If you’re like me, people ask me for recommendations all the time: from NYC to Tokyo to Bangkok. I used to email them all the best eats, but my friends would tell me they didn’t know how to get there or if they did — what to order. With Foodmento, they now have access to every dish I love where ever they are! The best part is, it’s on a mobile platform (map, images, etc.) and when they love it as well, I get a notification…”

Let Foodmento be the second brain that stores all the best food in the world and the people who love them. Start sharing your favorites today. Visit for details.

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