5 Tips When Searching For Safe Food

When walking through the isle of your favorite grocery store, one can’ t help but notice, all of the food products showing their logo with the famous Low fat inscription written just beside it. While these products may claim to be low fat, most people get the wrong impression.

Companies invest huge amount of money to market and package their products, so that people perceive them as being healthy food. For example, you might see a package stating the contents are “LOW FAT”. However, when reading the label ingredients, they are high in carbohydrates, salt, sugar and chemicals. While the product may contain fewer fat ingredients in comparison to their regular brand, it’ s still considered a fatty product.

So often people mistake the term LOW FAT as being a healthy food product, but it’ s not.

Just as bad, are the methods some food manufacturers uses to label the nutritional ingredients for each of their products. Although, listing the top 8 allergens is mandatory by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), food manufacturers still mislabels food or forget to declare them. Consequence of omitting certain ingredients could lead to severe allergic reaction. Learning how to read labels is essential for People that have an allergic reaction to certain food.

5 Tips When Searching For Safe Food.

1-Remember that some food manufacturers change the ingredients of their product without warning. Always read the ingredient label, even if it’ s a product you often purchase. A product could be safe the previous month and not the next one.

2-Even though the packaging of your favourite product may look the same from one state to another, the labels might contain different ingredients.

3-Be aware when you purchase a larger food product seize, some manufacturers use different ingredients.

4-Always read manufacturers advisory labels. These labels are specifically conceived to warn people about a product containing ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction due to the way they handle the product during the manufacturing process.

5-Ingredients names uses by manufacturers on labels are sometime hidden. Words like: hydrolyzed vegetable protein and Marzipan, indicate the presence of peanut protein and should be avoided if you are allergic to peanuts.

To learn more about reading Labels for hidden ingredients, just do a search for the keyword phrase: Food Allergy Networks. The organic results in Google will display a results page listing several websites providing useful information about products labeling.

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