A Love Letter To Sandwiches

In these days of grain bowls and poke bowls and designer salads, let’s not forget the importance of sandwiches. We at Food Republic have been expressing our adoration for everything between sliced bread, from yesterday’s celebration of Grilled Cheese Day to a look at some of our most tricked-out sandwiches earlier in the week.
Sandwiches are the ultimate blank culinary canvas. They’re full of surprises, too. I recently rediscovered the visceral joy of putting a fried chicken cutlet between two mayo-slathered pieces of white bread, with just an iceberg lettuce leaf as an adornment. Then I added a few squirts of sriracha. Wow. There’s a reason why fried chicken sandwiches are a perennial favorite. (Here’s how to make them really, really sticky and great, courtesy of ace recipe developer Adeena Sussman.)
The mere mention of certain sandwiches can make even the driest mouth water. Like, what if I offered to make you an apple, ham and raclette sandwich? What would you say?
Maybe I’m crazy, but I have memories of sandwiches that are as strong as those of special family moments. A few favorites: The Cuban from Paseo in Seattle; the turkey and camembert from La Sandwicherie in Miami Beach; any combination of meats, cheeses and condiments served in the trademarked Clubfoot bread at Montana’s Staggering Ox. I probably wouldn’t have survived the various existential crises I suffered while studying in Paris as a young man if not for the jambon-beurre, that model of simplicity: just ham, butter, baguette.
I’d be remiss if I forgot to shout out Tyler Kord’s excellent A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches, which is a good place to start — and to start arguments.
But what’s there to argue about really? Sandwiches are amazing. If you don’t agree, go have a poke bowl. More sandwiches for the rest of us.

— Richard Martin, Editorial Director

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