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At risk of being repetitive, as clearly indicated by the platform announced at the republican convention (below), we’ve entered an era of “boys will be boys”, be they the Grabber-In-Chief-(Elect) or collegiate athletes embarrassing daddy and costing trophies:

“The Administration’s distortion of Title IX to micromanage the way colleges and universities deal with allegations of abuse contravenes our country’s legal traditions and must be halted before it further muddles this complex issue and prevents the proper authorities from investigating and prosecuting sexual assault effectively with due process.”

(Translation: Educational institutions will no longer be permitted to act on sexual assault reports.)

In this specific matter, the question for the “Vengeance-In-Chief-Elect” is which matters most; taking advantage of an opportunity for embarrassing Hollywood as payback for their lack of support, or working to minimize an issue that might reignite a “spotlight” on Trump’s own disgusting behavior. While admittedly Trump’s involvement in this issue is a stretch, two things need be considered:

1) The republican platform (above) is pre-Trump

2) Everything is about Trump, to Trump. And America’s white males statistically agree.

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