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It increasingly feels as thought there may be a “whitewash” of this case, with our Tagger-In Chief-elect weighing in. Considering that even aside from Trump, the republican platform at their convention included this all too overlooked elimination of educational institutions from any degree of responsibility for sexual assaults (presumably, a byproduct of too many rich boys making daddy’s alma mater look bad, or interfering with collegiate honors for schools):

“The Administration’s distortion of Title IX to micromanage the way colleges and universities deal with allegations of abuse contravenes our country’s legal traditions and must be halted before it further muddles this complex issue and prevents the proper authorities from investigating and prosecuting sexual assault effectively with due process.”

Combine this with a conviction for Cosby reflecting badly (we can surely hope) on Trump, and I suspect we will see some slow but steady “Clarencing” of this matter. (Clarencing — the act of using media for the purpose of distracting from a major issue through inflating the importance of a minor issue, until the major issue no longer exists in the eyes of the public. See Clarence Thomas; Anita Hill.)

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