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It is more reassuring than I can express to see people of faith address the inconsistencies between the teachings of Jesus, and the rantings of Trump. (The reason I reference Jesus rather than others prophets is the overwhelming number of Christians, particularly evangelicals, to vote for Trump, and thus against Jesus.)

I think many politically aware Americans are aware of the Southern Strategy, the republican strategy of replacing love of Jesus with fear of minorities and greed for possessions. But regardless of how slow and deliberate that immoral and hateful process was, overall it does next to nothing to explain how Jesus got “kicked to the curb” in preference to ministries of financial reward, and ministries of hatred for gays and blacks.

Regrettable as it is to say, it seems to follow a pattern of diminishing members of christian churches. As long as the gain from silence was increased or maintained membership numbers, it seems very little was said for decades. But now churches have pretty much every hate-filled member they’re ever likely to get (in light of the young distancing themselves from these “ideologies of distance”.) Combining that with the appearance of an hypocrisy so obvious and overwhelmingly having nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus or the 10 commandments, it simply seems that churches are very suddenly, finally seeming “the writing on the wall”, so to speak. And that writing is dollar signs.

I speak not so much as a critic, as an observer.

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