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Look, I get it (kinda.) I live in the deep south, where people actually don’t believe in the moon landing. (It’s honestly true, not just a joke to make hicks look stupid. And while it’s not just the south to be considered, we all know about Kansas…..)

And I can force myself to see selfishness so extreme as to make Christians abandon Jesus for the myth of “better jobs”. And that these uneducated, so unable to understand cause and effect (“It’s that damn cop’s fault I got caught drivin’ drunk!”) could easily be persuaded that climate change kills jobs, especially if they know no one with a green job.

And so many times I’ve heard something like, “That Einstein is an IDIOT! I can’t understand a word!” I was once called stupid for quoting Shakespeare, so I can also grasp the concept of not acknowledging anything beyond one’s personal limitations. Like education, or physics. (See above, cause and effect.)

But for anyone to think that Trump would actually choose country over personal wealth goes against every single “Boss Hogg” episode of Dukes of Hazzard, or any of a million other references to having to live in a trailer park because of someone with “more than their share.”

Are they simply so desperate for love from this fat man with bad hair as to disregard every possibility that science exists, and therefore gravity is actually more than just luck!? Are they so desperate for acceptance that the strong probability of a horrible death for this planet is a small price to pay?

I think I just answered my own question.

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