Mr. Trump, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.
Anne Aretz

Ms. Aretz,

Please forgive me for re-posting, but in all these years, I finally figured out how to express the “ACA for Republicans”, and I’d like to share that thought with you. (Recently spent 6 years without a job or coverage in the process of obtaining disability. Very much the “snake pit” concept: If someone dies in the process, they really were disabled. “Good for them!”:

Humans kept alive to remain productive = money, made by said productive humans, in the pockets of the rich.

See republicans, keeping people alive with money from the rich actually maintains that wealth.

(Yes, I thought of, “Human lives > $$$”….

But we all know that would be a waste of time.)

Sincere best of hopes for a long and joyous future.

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