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Republicans seem to take pleasure in many instances when the good at heart are blocked in their attempts to be, or assist, contributing citizens. (From blocking Democrat’s attempts to pass social security, unemployment insurance, HEALTHCARE, WIC for babies and pregnant women (AND now birth control, “a puzzlement indeed”), OSHA to keep workers safe, FDIC to protect those not as rich as they perhaps should be, and SO many more, including republican’s attempts to prevent access to even power and mail delivery to those in rural settings.

Oh, I mentioned preventing those wishing to be contributing citizens; such as in this article, as well as gays wishing to serve, and even immigrants wanting nothing more than to give back to the country that sheltered them (no matter how grudgingly) and have forfeited hundreds of billions of dollars in withheld payroll taxes.

“Oh, you wish to help America grow? Not if you don’t think, look or act like us you won’t!”