I was heavily involved in the anti-Vietnam war movement.
Dallas Dunlap

Sir, if you read my profile you see the literal truth.

I stood in line to see JFK lie in state, but it was too long a line and too late a long, cold night for such a small child.

I watched school-friends play “assassin” the day after Dr. King was murdered, and I remember my mother waking me to tell me RFK was dead.

No one who follows their conscience to help those in need has any apologies to make. We are only responsible for our actions, not those of the NG at Kent State, or the police at the ‘68 republican convention.

I propose that what got Nixon elected wasn’t protests, but average Americans so committed to the ending of the war (as represented by the protests) that they believed Nixon’s obvious lies about ending it.

I admit, I don’t know which side you represent entirely, or if you criticize or support my statement. It seems to be both. I apologize for my ignorance, if passion for humanity is indeed ignorance.

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