My One-Night Trip to China

I travelled to China in the last weekend. I am currently staying in Taiwan with visa exemption, which allows me to stay for 90 days per entry, so I regularly have to leave this country and come back to here. I could leave later this time, but I booked a flight on this date for a trivial reason.

A one-night trip to China was a better refresh than I had expected. I like China. I especially have a favourable view on young people in China, even more than on those in Taiwan. They are fair, open-minded, and kind to foreigners. This time, I didn’t experience anything special. I arrived at a hostel in the night and left there early in the next morning, but it just made me feel better. It is sad that I live in a world which is separate from “the world” where the other people are living in, but I am lucky enough to know that I can still get inspired by them.

I have a bunch of serious issues with my life. I now recognize that I have to describe those issues in a single document. While learning is basically bottom-up, there is a need to control things in a top-down manner. I have to define goals, set up measurement, observe, and refine actions. It is so-called PDCA .