Becoming the Stone.

Throw me on the ground

Let me and suffer, watch me squirm

I can’t escape the hurt or the pain you cause inside

You make me quiver at your words and withdraw.

You did not make me stronger and you’ve made my agony worse

I look at you in disgust because you claim to be the better person

broken and battered, I need to rest my body —

I want to leave this all behind

So I lie to myself and try to mend all the shattered memories.

My palms bleed from picking up

the pieces.

A victim of illusion’s stepchildren: happiness and love.

I become numb as these chilling thoughts go up my spine

I can’t run and I know I cannot hide

Trapped like the rose in the thorny vine

I sit here waiting to be rescued,

Lifted from my solitude; till then I’ll

Become as still and unfeeling as stone

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