Flower For Alcoholism — How They Help You ?

A shot of whiskey, a glass of wine or even a can of beer has never killed anyone. In our modern day society — social gatherings demand alcohol to get people laughing and excited.

Systematically we are programmed to enjoy certain kinds of alcohol to adapt.

Peer pressure gets to us and we eventually learn to enjoy it. 
However, the darker side of this path goes unnoticed. Over the years alcoholism has not only destroyed many lives but also many families.

Alcoholism has not only created victims but also created perpetrators. 
Curbing alcohol addiction can be expensive — while conversations are a mile away — medications rip your soul out of your pocket in the form of bills.

Therefore, one should be thankful — nature has offered us all the medicines we need without shredding our savings into pieces.

Here is a few flower that put’s the power into curbing alcoholism — Once and for all.

A Weed Called — Dandelion

Dandelion is the common summer weed you find growing in your backyard. Always disregarded due to their massive presence, however, dandelion can be your one solution to help with Alcohol cravings.

Dandelion roots often bring up a bitter taste that detoxifies your body and debilitate your need for anything bitter — which is alcohol. Reducing your cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

On the other hand, it also helps your liver to regenerate — repairing tissues that have been destroyed due to alcohol consumption. It also increases bile production which aids in digestion, absorption of fatty acids for the brain and smoothens the elimination process.

You can consume them either in the form of Tea or capsules of 500mg with your doctor’s recommendation of course.

The Passionate — Passion Flower

Passion Flower, a beauty in the midst of Central America, America, South Asia and New Guinea has been part of the Chinese ancient remedy for curbing addiction along with its companion SkullCap as a form of sedative.

Both of these plants are known for their properties to eliminate stress, anxieties, depression, calming down the nervous system. Although Passion Flower induces long and resting sleep without the grogginess caused by withdrawals.

Passion Flower teas are known for their reputation to cleanse the excess alcohol in your blood stream. Therefore, if practiced for a period of 21 days you’ll slowly start noticing how you crave alcohol less and less.

It’s preferably consumed in the form of a tea for a steady dose.

Ancient — Kudzu

Kudzus has been around since 600 A.D. — as recorded in the Chinese medicine history.

It’s been used to curb addiction, treat coronary diseases and recently has been found to have been able to reduce alcoholic consumption's in an individual.

It’s best to keep in mind that Kudzu doesn’t stop you from consuming alcohol but it helps reduce the amount you consume.
So it’s definitely a starting point.

According to a controlled experiment done by Harvard University — a group of 10 women and 10 men were brought to controlled environment where they were given Kudzu placebos and taken off it. This experiment was then repeated. At the end of the experiment — the men and women consumed less alcohol when they were on the placebo pills compared to when they’re not.

The reason is that Kudzu increases blood flow in your body which then increases blood flow in your brain. This reduces the time it takes for you to realize the effects of alcohol which indirectly reduces the amount you drink.

It’s been recorded that the men and women went from about 6 beverages per week to about 2.4 beverages per week.

Although it doesn’t put a full stop immediately it definitely gives you a head-start and sparing you from all the hangover the next day.

Deceiving — Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a European plant — acts a liver protector and caretakers, it’s become the go-to plant for many Europeans. Since Europe by culture enjoys and appreciates great alcohol along with its history and influence,

they’ve also landed a title where almost 20% of Europeans suffer from Liver Cirrhosis or better known in Layman’s term — Liver Scarring.

The scary thing about this diseases is that after a certain point there’s no turning back and the only journey that’s left is either to quit completely or to head 6 feet underground in a beautiful satin coffin. As after a certain point of scarring the Liver will not be able to regenerate anymore.

So how does Milk Thistle play a part in this?

It’s simple Milk Thistle or more accurately the seeds of it contain a chemical call silymarin which is a flavonoid that possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Therefore it doesn’t only protect your liver from toxins but also helps it heal and regenerate.

Therefore, for the start — heavy drinkers are recommended to consume milk thistle tea or supplements every day to FIRST protect your liver.

P-S — Some studies shows that it’s also capable of battling free radicals in your brain reducing depression caused by Alcoholism and reducing dependency towards alcohol.

St.John’s Wort

St Johns Wort a plant native to only Europe has been part of the psychological world for a long time now. It’s been prescribed as anti-depressants for mild and moderate depression for decades.

However, this plant has also properties that not only reduces alcohol dependency but also avoids relapses among former alcoholics.

In a study published in 2005 ‘Alcohol and Alcoholism’ — by a small dose of St. John’s Wort extract it reduced voluntary ethanol intake in animals — Ethanol is one of the components in Alcohol.

In long term, it not only reduced the cravings for alcoholic beverages but also avoided relapses among recovering alcoholics. Although more research is being done to conclude this fact — it’s undeniable that this plant is the magic bullet for alcoholism.

There you have it, folks, one don’t need to spend our life savings to be better instead look into nature’s realm for an alternative. It’s simple, affordable and convenient.
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