I really love Expo and I think it has saved countless hours of development for me on various…
Aryan Goharzad

Hi Aryan,

Thanks for your insightful and considered response.

Upgrading is something that I have yet to do in an ejected app so I haven’t felt your pain.

As I am not an Expo dev I can’t directly influence this but I have been in contact with them and will try to get their stance on the matter.

In this article they talk at length about their intentions to become a more professional ecosystem and I believe they are being genuine.

What changes would you make to reduce the issues that you have encountered, considering your past experience with ejecting ?

To me it sounds like big ones are:

  • Maintain consistent native folder structure
  • Clear change notes targeted at Expokit devs
  • Upgrade instructions detailing the pain points

For the release of SDK 32 I will upgrade with the aim to write about the experience.