Borders? Where we’re going there are no borders (yet…)

You’ll have no doubt heard of the Irish border, it’s been made just a little bit famous as both the source of Europe’s longest civil war and also as the main sticking point for Brexit.

That won’t stop the game nerds though, especially when there’s geekery and Guinness at the end of this particular rainbow. Now that Xmas is a distant memory we thought we’d better get back on to the Football Fortunes bandwagon pretty quickly. In this case that took the form of a bounce across the border to the first ever North / South of Ireland gaming meetup; the appropriately termed ‘Run for the Border.’

Operated by Games NI and their Southern equivalent IMIRT the event was designed to bring together the gaming communities across the island to discuss ideas, common problems collaboration and much more. As usual for a Games NI meetup it was great and a huge success, with engaging and useful talks on all sorts of gaming related subjects, pizza and gabble.

We met devs who were interested in our remake as well as folk running gaming expos in the Republic who have invited us down for a play test when things are ship-shape. Excellent fun.

Run for the Border — The first ever North / South of Ireland Gaming Meetup was a huge success

Continuing our gaming odyssey we were invited to our first ever play test by a REAL games company, the lovely folk at Hub Games in Belfast who have originated something quite brilliant yet again following their already long list of successes with Rory’s Story Cubes, Blank and Holding On — The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr among others. We’re not allowed to tell you just yet about the game suffice to say it was brilliant and we learned a lot about modern board gaming which will likely feed into Cloughies in future iterations.

Next weekend we’ll be going to Global Game Jam in Belfast in an effort to get our prototype pushed forward, more to come from there…

That’s all for now, we’re back on the ball.

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