The thing I like about being part of Sparky is the candid approach to bring joy to kids.

Read the experiences from our new volunteer, Amar Bhat.

I’ve been part of an organization called as Sparky Football which teaches life values to kids through football, for about 3 weeks now. I’m part of 3 sessions namely Brigade, Desire and Puttenhalli Government school. These sessions are the same and different in many ways. All the spectrum of kids are covered among all these sessions. One of the best things about the kids in these different sessions is, what they refer to me as. Down at Brigade they call me Sir, down at Desire they call me Brother and down at the Government School they call me Uncle! Each day with Sparky you learn a lot.

You realise you’re not only a coach to these kids, but also a friend, a teacher and a role model. Even the smallest things you tell them, has the capability to change their life. Once you make a connection with them, the bond remains for the rest of the sessions.

The amounts of joy, enthusiasm and drive these kids have is what I look forward to in every session. Something you learn in your journey is Sparky is that, every kid is different and needs to be taken care in a different way. Our traditional education system doesn’t lay any importance on that aspect.

One of the highlight moments of my time here was down at the Government school where I took up an activity for a bunch of kids. The activity was the game where 1 team flips the cone, and the other flips it back. I split the kids into 2 teams, and they gave me names of their teams. The amount of enthusiasm amongst them was just a sight to see. This moment had a lot of significance for me, because it was the first time I took up an activity. To see the smiling faces at the end of the activity was just pure bliss.

The thing I like about being part of Sparky is the candid approach to bring joy to kids. You realize that anyone can make a difference or a change in this world. Thinking back about all this, what I’m sure is that I made a good choice by joining Sparky and that I’m going to be here for quite some time…