While our investment platform is in the making, you may discover what a crossover between the stock market and a fantasy football game would look like. How, you ask? www.footbid.com is the answer you are looking for!

FootBid is a new fantasy football game that we recently launched. With an innovative market dynamic, where players prices fluctuate with supply and demand, the platform intends to present fans with a unique experience in which each one becomes a football ‘super agent’.

“As great consumers of sports in general, and football in particular, we felt that something was missing that would enable us to follow this sport even more closely. Something that allows us to watch a great goal and say — ‘this is my player’. …

A trip to the past with the future in the rearview mirror

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On the months following Pedro’s initial pitch at Le Wagon’s demo day, the most common question from friends and colleagues would be “when can I invest in FootInvest?”.

The mission of democratising investment in sports assets had always been considered by us, Nuno and Pedro, as both very appealing and significantly challenging, mainly due to its regulatory and operational constraints
which have inhibited the emergence of sizeable incumbents in this sector.

Nonetheless, with interest rising everyday, one simple conclusion had to be drawn: there is an unserved market of retail investors interested in using their sports knowledge for medium to long term financial profits. …

Hello World 👋 our path towards sports investment democratisation starts today!

If you share our belief that the opportunity to invest and make a profit should be in everyone’s reach, and want to be part of our journey from the very beginning, then signup to our sports investment simulator at https://www.footbid.com.

Let’s make this happen!



Can you spot a star? 💫 FOOTBID is an innovative fantasy football game ⚽️ where you trade players in a live marketplace 📈

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