Reduce Weight by Visiting Monterey Weight Loss Clinic

With today’s sedentary lifestyles and fast food culture obesity poses a big threat to health. If we do not keep our weight in check we run the risk of suffering from the following conditions:
• Type 2 diabetes
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Coronary artery disease
• Chronic back pain

An effective doctor supervised weight loss program may relieve many of the above conditions associated with obesity.

A visit to the Monterey weight loss clinic is the first step towards rapid, safe and effective weight loss. This weight loss center is committed to helping you reach your weight loss goal safely and effectively without adverse effects. A combination of prescription medicines, therapeutic injections, vitamins and FDA approved appetite suppressants are administered to ensure your good health while you pursue your weight loss goal. Physicians and clinical staff can be accessed at any time during the program and will guide you at every step of the way.

The Monterey weight Loss clinic offers a three step medically supervised program.

Step one — is the rapid weight loss part of the program. The initial visit covers the following points:

• Analysis of patient’s medical history
• Physical exam
• Full body composition analysis
• Weight measurement
• Checking blood pressure
• FDA-approved prescribed weight loss medication (if qualified)
• Comprehensive blood panel/tests
• EKG (Electrocardiogram)
• Vitals
• Supplements
• Therapeutic injection

Based on the results of the tests a customized individual diet plan is drawn up and monitored on a weekly basis. Everybody loses weight differently and the personalized program addresses varying needs. Physician prescribed medications, supplements and vitamins are administered from the clinic. The mandatory weekly visits are an essential part of the program.

Step 2 is the transitional part of the program. It begins only after you have reached your ideal weight loss. The weekly visits continue to provide assistance in maintaining your newly achieved weight.

Step 3 is a long term weight maintenance program and the focus is on weight maintenance, with emphasis on behavioral modification, nutrition and exercise programs.

During your time in the program you can expect to achieve the following results:

• Increase your energy while discarding unwanted weight
• Eliminating problematic appetite and food cravings
• Rapid weight loss in a safe and effective manner
• Helps you reach your long-term ideal weight goal quickly
• Avoid yo-yo dieting effect

The Monterey Weight Loss clinic is the ideal place to lose weight and keep it off effectively and safely.

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