The history of FootyArts.

FootyArts came on the Football Graphics Scene in April 2006. It was started by Galoforte, Crushed Diamond and Fanutd. It’s tagline was simple –

Where Football meets Art.

This is the earliest shot I could find of the FootyArts homepage –

FootyArts homepage in 2006.

It was a community for those who shared a common interest in football and graphic art. For it’s time, it grew at a rapid speed making it one of the biggest and most active communities in its category.

At it’s peak in 2008, it had thousands of active members and accumulated over 50,000 posts.

A banner for “FootyArts V2”. A redesign of the old fourms.

However, with that growth came extra server and maintenance cost. Something that the admin at the time could no longer afford. He decided to sell up after being assured by the buyer that the community would continue to grow and be looked after.

It wasn’t.

With lack of leadership, member activity, moderation and administrative attention — FootyArts eventually dwelled off and members started to stray away from the site. Some of the more well known members tried to relaunch their own versions but they never took off.

FootyArts was once an active social community where members from all around the world got to know each other, and engage in discussion and all with one relatedable and common interest – Football.

I want to bring back FootyArts.

Some promotional banners for the new FootyArts.

I know it’s not going to change the world, and that’s not what I’m aiming for. Yes, there are other pixel publishing sites but they are all full of unusable user interfaces and dominated by the “big guys” so the average Joe doesn’t even get a look in. It’s all about how many likes you get and not the constructive feedback that everybody needs to grow and adapt.

I’m going to try and showcase the process of rebuilding the FootyArts community. It’s you’re interested in helping out – shoot an email to

You can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

Or visit and watch out for updates.

Thanks for reading.

The FA Team