Step Away If You Get Stuck

Sometimes you need to sleep on it.

Everyone’s had those days where you are stuck on a problem and can’t figure out a solution. The more you analyze it, the more you keep finding flaws and problems. No one ever said that writing software to solve real issues would be easy!

When this happens, sometimes it’s best to back away from the problem for a while. Take a break. Go outside and walk around the block. Help someone else with their issues; if you can’t solve your own problem, you can still be productive. Plus, the time away may help clear your head and bring you some ideas.

In some cases, you need to put the problem aside for the day. It often happens that after a night’s rest, the solution may come to you more easily. It may even hit you in your morning shower.

There are other strategies. Do something creative. Write some stories, draw some pictures, do something using your hands. Maybe work in the garden. By engaging your brain in more creative activities, your neural connections may consider new possibilities, and new ideas will pop in your head. Give it a try.

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