Tech Team Tuesdays: Honor the Company

The company pays your salary, pay them back with the respect they deserve.

When you work for a company, you have to make a choice. Is this going to be “just a job”, or is this profession and organization going to become an essential part of who you are?

For some people, their day job is “just a job”, and this works well for them. Typically, there are one of two drivers at work in this scenario. In one case, the person has a lot going on in their lives outside of work. Between family, friends, church, social organization, sports, hobbies, and other things, it’s not hard to imagine a life where some of the things outside of work are much more important than their day job.

In another case, the day job may be suboptimal. A person may have a bad manager, may be grossly underpaid, may have an unpleasant work environment. In some cases things are bad enough that they have to seek a new position. Often though things are just not great and maybe they aren’t in a great place in their lives to go through a job search. After all, changing jobs is very stressful. Plus there’s no guarantee that the new job will be better. You never really know for sure until you’ve been there a while.

For the rest of us, the job is important. The job matters. The company matters. We’ll spend most of our waking hours with our job five days a week. It gives us a sense of fulfillment. We become better people because of the great work we do. We love the work we do and hope to be doing it for many years to come.

Because the company matters, we want to protect the company. We guard its reputation. We sing its praises. We act in the company’s best interests. For we are not just protecting our own jobs, but the jobs of all of our coworkers, people we care about. When the company does well, we do well. We’re betting our future on the future of the company. Hopefully we have stock options!

If someone says bad things about your company, you should defend it. If there are valid concerns, you should take them back to the company and help work towards addressing them and making the company better.