Tech Team Tuesdays: Results Count More Than Effort

Working hard is honorable, but getting results is what you’re really measured on.

Some people work really hard but fail to deliver. Other people don’t seem to work hard, but are constantly showing a series of results. Which do you think has more success in pleasing the business?

If there are barriers to getting results, it’s your responsibility to get those barriers cleared. Don’t have all the answers you need? Go chase down people and make them explain things. Infrastructure not cooperating? Chase down the sysadmin. Not sure the relative priority of several “high priority” issues? Get the relevant people in a room and force a discussion.

These things don’t happen on their own. People are ignorant of your problems are assuming that you are working on building the software because they think they’ve given you all the direction you need. Anytime this isn’t true, it’s up to you take the appropriate steps to move forward.

Compare this to the person that puts in 10 hours days, to show how hard he’s working. Generates a 1000 commits to git, show how productive he is. Writes a novel’s worth of documentation. All amazing levels of effort, but until working software is in production, no real results. The business doesn’t care; the business wants results. The business wants solutions to problems. The business wants new features they can sell.

Get results.