Tech Team Tuesdays: You Work For The Client

Never forget where the money comes from.

Sometimes, people will forget about the bigger picture and focus on their own little world. The security officer who wants the safest system possible. The software programmer who wants the perfect, bug-free program. The systems administrator who seeks 100% uptime. The project manager who wants to hit milestones with perfect accuracy.

While these are all nice, lofty goals, it is always important to remember the bigger picture. Why are we here? Why do we get up in the morning, leave our families and loved ones, and come to this office to do our job? We do it because we are paid to. It’s our profession. And when you’re being paid, you need to remember where the money comes from.

A business exists to satisfy its clients. The clients are the ones buying the company’s products and services, and thus are the source of revenue. Without clients, a company is funded by speculative investors who hope you will find clients. (Until then, the investors become the client.)

This is really important because you can have the most secure, the most stable, the most reliable system in the world, but if the client is not happy, all that work will be for nothing. Thus it is critical that a company, and thus the people who work at the company, care for the clients. Honor their wishes. Satisfy their needs.

If the clients are having a bad experience, they will soon cease to be your clients. And then the company may fail. Thus you must do what you can to support the clients and turn them into raving fans. This will lead to more clients, more business, and more success.