Let Your Light Shine.

by Greg Chang, MHA, Cofounder, for[MD]

Medical schools and residency programs everywhere are doing critically important work. From training tomorrow’s physicians to providing millions in uncompensated care to conducting groundbreaking research, these contributions are invaluable to society. In fact, many of our partners are so focused on delivering value, that they often forget to raise awareness about the good work that they do.

To create an effective alumni relations and development operations, tastefully bringing more attention to all the great work your organization is doing is important. In fact, we talk with partners every day about remedying this situation. At for[MD], we encourage you to let your light shine bright and help you do exactly that.

If you’re looking to raise development dollars and cultivate involved alumni volunteers, then getting your alumni excited about your commitment to education, research, and patient care is a must. Because of that, much of our time is spent strategizing how to highlight this work and executing on that plan.

For example, we recently covered how radiology faculty and residents at Washington University in St. Louis are improving global health through their work with RAD-AID. Their contribution to global health is an area that’s driving real outcomes and deserves more attention, which is why for[MD] invests in covering things like this.

Hopefully this inspires you to toot your own horns a little more and gives you an idea of the type of work we produce for our partners.

Questions? Reach out to me at greg@formd.com.