The Power of Data.

by Greg Chang, MHA, Cofounder, for[MD]

Imagine one of your physician alumni, Dr. Doogie Howser. After an incredibly rewarding four years of medical school at your institution, Dr. Howser stays on to complete a residency in internal medicine. Upon graduating, he couldn’t be more grateful. Not only did he have great mentors and training, but he was also able to secure his first position in New York through an alumni connection. Unfortunately, when he graduated medical school and completed his residency, no one asked him for his personal e-mail address.

Unfortunately, we hear this story again and again. You know you’ve provided a great experience for your students and house staff, but you can only connect with a small fraction of them! It’s no secret that good data is critically important for a successful, scalable alumni relations operations. No matter how strongly your alumni feel about your institution, you won’t be able to scale your operations if you don’t know how to reach them. That’s where for[MD] comes in.

As part of our free service, one of the first things we do is help you reach significantly more of your alumni. By matching your alumni roster to our database of healthcare professionals, we can help you reach more alumni than ever before.

In fact, we recently helped take one of our partners from 0% to 75% email coverage.

Warning: for[MD] data can cause extreme sense of euphoria. Please be advised.

In addition, we can also provide valuable demographic data to help you more intelligently target the right content to the provider. For instance, what if you knew that after Dr. Howser completed his internal medicine residency, he also did a cardiology fellowship? For one, you could target cardiology related content to him to ensure he only receives relevant communications. That level of targeting is part of the for[MD] recipe for success (remember, lasers, not machine guns) and why we’re able to deliver industry leading engagement metrics.

So, how are we able to bring you the power of data? We’ve built up a database of healthcare professionals that allows us to reach more physicians than any other platform out there. With that, we can leverage this asset to help you find your alumni and reconnect with them. Combined with our community management services, the data we offer is pretty powerful.

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