The Girl who Never was

Image from fllikr

He looked forward to the day he would be able to refer to her as ‘his
Although we all knew all to well that she was not, or anyone elses.

So many had groped and unwrapped her time and time again
Yet she was even when attained, completed unattainable
And this made men very, very mad.

They wanted it, whatever it was, that she possessed.
They had to have it.
Yet no matter how many times they ‘had’ her, ravaged her, broke her in, they never got what they knew she held inside
A treasure chest of secrets and mysteries lay deep inside her
And nobody could reach it, so many how deep they dug.
And worse.

As she floated, drifted, faded out into the darkness, he held the hand
his (her) hand, close and gently kissed it
As he knew it would be the last of hers he would touch in a very long time

He held it close as his dream vanished into darkness
Mysteriously as she had appeared

Eyes of mystery
Cold and damp
Yet warm like an open log fire
Carrying the weight of the world

I hope you find it
Whatever it is that you need to make you whole again