• Joe Caffarini

    Joe Caffarini

  • Jesse Martin

    Jesse Martin

  • Naif Aljuaid

    Naif Aljuaid

  • Connor Roberts

    Connor Roberts

  • Omer Matityahu

    Omer Matityahu

    20 years of entrepreneurial and business experience, CEO at Agrinoze, co-founder of Profitect inc (sold to Zebra Technologies), maker, startup advisor, cyclist.

  • Ghusoon altaie

    Ghusoon altaie

  • Bitcoins Exchanger

    Bitcoins Exchanger

    Bitcoinsxchanger gives highly varying degrees of safety, security, and privacy in order to make sure that you exchange bitcoin for USD in a good way.

  • Igor Baldyga

    Igor Baldyga

    Fan of technology and all things blockchain. Helping Leaders bring their vision to life. Blockchain Strategist at Esprezzo.io

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