From newly registered nurses to medical students, a strong pipeline of Black healthcare workers is needed more than ever

Photo: Marcelo Leal

By Richard Fowler

Wearing an N-95 mask, a full-body yellow gown, and latex gloves, Rebecca Hamilton, a newly registered nurse, was ready for her fourth shift on the medical surgery floor at a local South Florida hospital. Full of nerves and grateful for the opportunities afforded to her, Rebecca’s career as a Black registered nurse is beginning at a time when the United States is encountering the dueling pandemics of COVID-19 and racial injustice.

Like so many others entering professions in healthcare, Rebecca is treating patients during a pandemic which has disproportionately claimed the lives of Black, Brown and vulnerable…

Many people work too much because they feel like they have to. Use the strategies here to test if that’s really true, and reclaim a better work-life balance.

Photo: The Creative Exchange

By Maura Thomas

Most of us carry smartphones in our pockets. Prior to the pandemic, this made it easy to check work email from the sidelines of a child’s soccer game, or fire off a quick message to a direct report while lying in bed. But why did we want to?!

The answer, I believe, is that we didn’t want to. But we did it anyway.

During the pandemic, we further blurred boundaries between our work and personal lives. According to a recent study, 7 in 10 professionals who transitioned to remote work as a result of the pandemic work…

Dusting off your resume in 2021? This is what you need to know to make your resume competitive in today’s job market.

Photo: Daniel Thomas

By Ashley Stahl

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve been on the job search for a while. You’ve been coming across a lot of listings that you are interested in. You know that you have qualifications and the right profile for these jobs, but you’re just not getting any follow-through or calls back.

The problem here could very well be in your resume. You may be exactly right that you’re a good fit for the potential jobs to which you are applying, but you may not be nailing your resume.

You may think creating an effective resume is as…

Older workers are being pushed into retirement, while many (especially Black and female) face labor market discrimination and challenges

Photo: Annie Gray

By Richard McGahey

The Covid-19 pandemic made many pre-existing economic inequalities worse, including the precarious situation of Black and non-white workers and the pressures on women to juggle work and care responsibilities. The pandemic also magnified economic pressures on vulnerable older workers, and our post-pandemic economic and equity policies must include them.

Why do older workers matter to the economy? First, they make up a startling high share of the U.S. labor force, and are essential to a full economic recovery. About one out of four workers are aged 54 are over and by 2029 their share will grow.


Will we be able to move towards a transport-as-a-service model, or will we still be buying vehicles decades from now?

Photo: Samuele Errico Piccarini

By Enrique Dans

The big question about the evolution of car transportation is whether in the future, we will continue to buy and own vehicles, or simply hire them as and when we need them?

The answer pits the ideas of some traditional automakers, such as GM and others, against companies such as Waymo, Didi or AutoX. As the autonomous driving sector takes shape, we see Tesla and its increasingly sophisticated driving aids, which Elon Musk has claimed will soon allow him to operate a fleet of robotaxis and justify his company’s valuation, and on the other hand, companies like…

Don’t quit your job unless you have something else already lined up. It’s too risky.

By Jack Kelly

You’ve probably heard the mantra “the great resignation is coming,” first coined by Texas A&M University professor Anthony Klotz and repeated all over social media. Klotz contends, “When there’s uncertainty, people tend to stay put, so there are pent-up resignations that didn’t happen over the past year.” This should lead to a mass exodus of workers leaving their companies for greener pastures, offering better opportunities.

The theory behind Klotz’s prediction is that people have been sheltering in their jobs for over a year. …

We’ve all faced situations where we’ve screwed up. How we communicate in the aftermath makes all the difference.

Photo: Sarah Kilian

By Esther Choy

What happens when you move forward on a project thinking you have permission but you really don’t? That’s what happened to Moore DM Group, a fundraising marketing organization.

“We thought we’d received permission to use a quote related to a charity’s work in a fundraising solicitation,” says Geoffrey W. Peters, Chair of Moore DM Group. “Turns out we’d requested but not yet received permission when the solicitation was mailed to 250,000 supporters of the charity.”

Understandably, the person who was quoted was upset. They wanted all 250,000 supporters to receive a retraction. …

Failure is an inevitable part of startups. If you learn how to meet failure with grace, however, it could be a source of professional growth and personal development.

Photo: Jan Antonin Kolar

By Abdo Riani

Failure is an inevitable part of startups. Even if your new innovative venture doesn’t fail, undoubtedly your expectations will clash with reality in one way or another.

This shouldn’t scare you. Innovation is born out of theoretical ideas that are modified by the real world. To win at the game of startups, you need to endure hundreds of (hopefully) small failures that lead you to the right iterations and direction changes (pivots) until you discover the right formula that would give you an oversized success.

Since failure is a part of the game, you need a good…

Here’s why you’re not getting interviews even though you check off most of the boxes for the roles you’re pursuing

Photo: Sigmund

By Adunola Adeshola

It’s confusing. You feel like you’re doing everything right: You read the job descriptions and feel good about the roles. You spend hours tweaking your resume and brainstorming what to include in your cover letter. You submit your application knowing you’d be a great candidate for the position. And yet, your inbox is still full of generic emails letting you know that another company decided to go with someone else.

Maybe if you were at least getting interviews, you could understand. …

Leaders cannot ensure a healthy culture supporting a bright work future simply by co-locating employees

Photo: Trinity Treft

By Kathy Miller Perkins

John, the CEO of a financial services firm, could be the poster child for ignoring a toxic organizational culture both before and during the pandemic. Yet, he demands all employees return to the office for the sake of the company culture.

While the irony in John’s argument is inescapable, he is not alone in calling for a return to the office based on the rationale that the company culture depends on it.

This justification for a return to a physical workplace appears suspect when offered by leaders who show little interest in the other more challenging…


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