The Primary Barrier Stopping You From Everything You Want In Life
Benjamin P. Hardy

Wow! Seriously? Judging from the other comments, I realize its like trying to spit into a hurricane, but tilting at windmills amuses me. (See? I can string together cliches too!)

“Put most simply: when the why is strong enough, you’ll be willing to do any how.”

So if why is “in order to save my life” the how might extend to killing someone. Of course, for some people the why that suffices for murder might only be “so I can have more money” or “so I can spread my religion”? How strong does the why have to be to be “strong enough”? How does the why get to be that strong? Is one why possibly “better” than another why? What happens when my why confilicts with your why?

“Wealth, optimal health, incredible relationships, deep spiritual maturity are all available to you.”

Well, the pursuit of these things certainly is. I might recommend starting with even a tiny bit of “spiritual maturity”. Maybe, just by asking why those things are important, and how you will balance all the different whys in your life.

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