SneakerCON, the greatest sneaker show on Earth

Dallas spending time with @kicks718 and @sneakersteve09

SneakerCON is the greatest sneaker show on Earth. Thousands and thousands of pairs of the most sought after sneakers under one roof, for one day only.

SneakerCON is like being on your favorite restock campout with all your friends and each of you are looking for a different pair to add to your collection.

Make no mistake, each SneakerCON has a pair of shoes that dominates the days trading. Retro Air Jordans had ruled the roost for the last several years but now there is a new player at the top. KanYe West’s Yeezy project is doing the numbers that only some of the rarest Air Jordans might muster.

This weekend adidas re-issued the ‘Pirate Black’ colorway of the Yeezy Boost 350. You can best believe this sneaker was the hottest seller at SneakerCON. The restock caused the initial resell prices to drop a bit but the $200 retail price was still fetching from 3x to 4x the original retail cost.

I use SneakerCON as an opportunity to connect in real life with sneaker fiends I’ve been following across the internets. I respect the 14yr old entrepreneur at SneakerCON at the event to make money but the culture of collecting kicks is older than many of these kids. The culture is older than the Air Jordan brand name. Keeping your kicks crispy and fresh goes back to the early days of Hip-Hop when kids didn’t have the money to buy sneakers that cost several hundred dollars.

The hype.

SneakerCON is still the greatest sneaker show on Earth because it brings together every aspect of sneaker culture from the old to the young.

Deals are going down!
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