Force Network ‘Lite-Paper’.

With our whitepaper, we presented a technical and comprehensive outline of the Force Network. To compliment its release, we present a condensed and focused “lite-paper” (download here). The lite-paper provides an overview of Force Network’s functionality in easy-to-understand bullet points and an infographic, which depicts the probable main use-case of the Force Network; securing (“anonymizing”) your network traffic using a series of hop nodes.

The Force Network will connect people and host content in a private and censorship resilient manner

A main benefit of Force Network’s design over its competitors is the protection of the client and host IP addresses. While pressure from governmental bodies increases for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to provide data on the activities of their users, we believe Force Network provides necessary privacy control, and protection, to freely share information without worry of censorship, control, or dissemination by 3rd parties. Our additional aim is to incentivize and decentralize content hosting, providing an organic and self-sustaining method of propagating Force Network’s growth.

The Force Network team will continue to release news and materials that detail our ambitious project in easy-to-understand and accessible terms. Stay tuned for our new website design, a comprehensive FAQ, more blog articles that dive into specific aspects of the Force Network, detailed comparisons with similar projects, and news regarding the ongoing discussions with technical and legal experts regarding the future of the Force foundation.

Link: Download Lite-Paper

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