Dynamic Advertising — The Future is Here!

In-game advertising has been a useful marketing tool since the late 70’s, placing banners or ads for specific items, that can be seen by all players. Many times, ads are intrusive and require players to physically close the ad in order to remove it or gain access to the game’s contents again.

Dynamic Advertising is a method that allows game creators to update specific ads after a game is launched and provides metrics on the players. This method of advertising is less intrusive than standard in-game adverts. Dynamic Advertising also allows advertisers to target gamers through specific metrics such as age, location etc.

While this way of advertising is effective, TriForce Tokens has gone beyond that, and created a product that far supersedes the current methods by combining it with an innovative and exciting blockchain technology.

Pete Mardell, CEO & Founder reveals new platform.

Using proprietary technology, TriForce Tokens has created a place where both Advertisers and Developers can access designated platforms that allow them to setup, maintain and complete the entire dynamic advertising process.

Both platforms offer advertisers and developers benefits to suit their needs. The main benefits to these platforms is the ability for developers to upload their games, create revenue and help take away the process of searching for advertisers. Advertisers can easily select the games that meet their demographic needs, and can be changed instantaneously.

You can review more of these benefits below:

The benefits to each party involved.

You can view the platforms here:

Brands Platform: https://brands.raidparty.io/

Developers Platform: https://studio.raidparty.io/

But why is dynamic advertising better?

Most in-game advertisements are considered a nuisance, they interrupt gameplay or are required to be watched in order to progress throughout the game. In many cases, gamers could even argue, especially with mobile games, that they spend more time watching advertisements than they do playing the game. Granted, consoles and PC games are less often to have advertisements in-game, but this is due to the amount of extra work and updates the game would need each time an advertisement was to be placed within the game.

Dynamic advertising allows brands to place advertisements in-game that are non-intrusive and even in many cases, interactive. So rather than having to be forced to watch an advertisement before progressing to the next level, the advert could be playing somewhere within the game that could be seen by the player at anytime.

The beauty with dynamic advertisement, especially TriForce Tokens’s technology, is that anything in-game can be branded. From the buildings, to vehicles, to the clothes your character. You can even brand interactive items that the player needs to use throughout their gameplay. Take PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds), one of the most popular games at the moment. Players use energy drinks in order to regain health and gain a slight stamina boost. With TriForce Tokens’s technology, that energy drink could be any brand you wanted it to be, from Monster to Redbull.

This massively increases brand exposure without becoming a nuisance which could cause negativity with that brand. Gamers are more likely to be receptive to the brand and are more likely to remember the advertisement.

Great, by why do I need TriForce Tokens’s technology?

TriForce Tokens’s has built a platform that allows for multiple non-intrusive advertisements to be placed within games at the same the same time. From videos, to textures and interactive items and objects. Any object within any game can be branded and textured to an brands needs.

Advertisements and branding of objects are live updated. Meaning there is no updates or further downloads on the developers or players part, within a matter of seconds adverts can change and update even whilst players are in-game. So for example, if a brand had reached its required impressions and wanted to stop their campaign, the next brands advertisement would kick in instantly.

TriForce Tokens technology requires a single SDK in order to work, meaning there is very little work on the developers side. In essence its a plug-and-play system. Once the SDK is uploaded into the game, any and all advertisements can be placed within the game without any further work to the developers. It is up to the developers to what branded objects they want to allow within game, meaning the developers still have control over the look and feel of their games without it being over run by adverts.

Due to the use of blockchain technology, TriForce Tokens is able to provide live and immutable tracking data from the advertisements. From advertisement view counts and times to player demographic. Blockchain technology also allows for trust-worthy data, meaning advertisers or developers are unable to cheat impressions or player demographic. Meaning advertisers can ensure that they only pay for what they have received in impressions and developers can be assured that they will be paid, instantly through the use of blockchain technology once campaigns end.

How will this change the gaming industry?

Dynamic advertising provides an additional revenue stream to developers within minimal to no work once setup. As many of you are aware, like all other products games have a life cycle. Their sales will decrease over time, even though they continue to have a loyal player base. However, once sales decline, their is very little developers can do to increase their revenue generation from their games other than through DLC’s and other in-game purchases. Dynamic advertising will allow developers to continuously generate revenue even after the life cycle of the game comes to its end.

Advertisers are able to reach a wider audience to increase brand awareness and sales, without becoming a nuisance. As the gaming market increases year on year and with gaming platforms and games becoming a part of our everyday household objects, it is becoming a more appealing way for brands to reach their audience. Dynamic advertising makes this possible, by allowing players to interact and be exposed to real world brands as if they would in real life.

Is dynamic advertising the way forward?

Certainly! Like the movie, film and TV industries, brands pay large amounts of money for brand placement. Dynamic advertising allows for the same concept but via the gaming industry.

Nobody enjoys being spammed with adverts and in many cases can be a huge off put to all consumers regardless of the industry. Dynamic advertising creates a less abrupt and intrusive form of advertising that doesn’t ram the brand down consumers throats, to which consumers are becoming less receptive too.

Marketing agencies are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to market their clients brands. Social media is arguably a dying trend, billboards and posters are less likely to get the attention they expect. So why continue to advertise with methods that are outdated and less effective? In order for brands to survive, they need to move with the consumers.

Almost 162 million people in US alone own a gaming console. Currently there are 2.53 billion people globally that own a smartphone, with it expected to reach 2.87 billion people by 2020. With the average gamer spending 2.5 hours a day (UK) playing games. It only makes sense to start changing the way that brands advertise their products to their consumers, by following the consumer trends and targeting them through the mediums they use of a day to day basis.

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