Evaluating TriForce Tokens for Investment (Part 1 of 2)

Reading through social media, you’d be forgiven for becoming a little sceptical about ICOs, ITOs and other crypto based projects. The market has seen a steep decline in value this year which can’t have been helped by a number of high profile scams.

However, as Warren Buffett advises, it is wise to be “fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.

So in this new, dynamic and exciting market, that means for the more discerning investor and those who can see through the fear uncertainty and doubt, there are “gems” of opportunities ready for you to discover.

TriForce Tokens is one such gem. It’s a highly investible opportunity, with a strong long-term future. Since the start of ICOs and crypto projects, people have come up with many ways to evaluate crypto projects. Many follow the same principles, so we thought we would put a list together from top crypto experts and answers the questions for you, saving you the time and hassle.

Please be advised that buying cryptocurrency involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. The valuation of the FORCE cryptocurrency may fluctuate, and, as a result, you could lose your full investment. Before deciding to participate, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Please conduct your own research before investing. This guide is designed to simplify the process and provide you with some answers you may have. It should not be considered as financial or investment advice.

So let’s jump straight into it. When looking into an ICO or a crypto based project, its best to treat it as you would investing into any business. Part one will cover the core fundamentals of the business and its structure. Part two will delve into the social and external elements of the business, which you can read here.

Part 1 (of 2)

I. Team & Advisors

Do they have the experience and expertise in the related industry?

CEO (Pete Mardell) and COO (Jacob Ashby) are both avid gamers as well as driven entrepreneurs.

They have built around them a strong team with people who have extensive experience and knowledge of the gaming space. Eduardo Monteiro, TriForce Tokens Business Development Manager has a wealth of experience within the games sector. As a director of his own successful indie games publishing company (TheGameWall Studios), Eduardo has also worked for huge organisations such as Disney and Jagex.

On top of that, TriForce Tokens has also acquired some impressive advisors from the games industry. Vadim Bulatov, is the Head of SMM at Wargaming.net. The creators of World of Tanks and other such titles. Vadim sees great potential in the TriForce Tokens project, which is why he approached the project himself. The other advisors include Danny Montaner, the former world champion of CS:GO and former e-sports manager of Faze Clan, as well as Tyrin Davidson a former competitive League of Legends player, ranked in the top 200 players in Europe.

Does the tech team hold the experience to execute the product?

We have an extensive development team, each with their own set of skills and knowledge base. Therefore we have no doubt that our tech team will be able to execute and deliver our products and services.

Pete Mardell (CEO) is skilled in both LAMP and MEAN stack, Database Modelling, Computer Literacy, AGILE/LEAN methodologies and Unity3D game development. Pete is experienced with the following languages; C#, Angular, SQL, Node JS and PHP.

Ram N (CEO, First Principles Ventures) is a highly skilled and talented individual with a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience under his belt. Ram spends most of his waking hours as an Entrepreneur, Coder, Strategist, Project Management, Consulting & New Product Development. His core skills are Python (& frameworks), Javascript (& frameworks) and UX & UI.

Aria Hall (Blockchain Dev) is skilled in Web/Electron UI Development, REST Services, Automation and Development in a wide-range of Cryptocurrency-Integrated Applications and Services. She is also experienced with Node.js as a backend and frontend interface.

Amin Rafizadeh (Founder and CEO, Chainsaw Games Studio) is skilled in Unity3D, Unreal Engine, ZBrush, 3D Max/Maya, After Effect and Premiere. Amin is experienced with almost all aspects of game and graphic design including 3D Modelling, Animation, Level Design and also Advertising (Video and Image Ads).

Does the team have any previous startup experience?

Pete Mardell (CEO) has extensive experience working within and for start-ups. Pete previously worked with a highly successful recruitment software agency (Smart Recruit Online), for which he built and managed the entire company’s technology stack. On top of this, Pete has built and managed many other projects from trading bots and software, to websites and web applications. Pete’s ability to develop is next to none, with a broad range of development languages under his belt.

Jacob Ashby (COO) Since completing a Degree in International Business at Westminster and Lycoming USA, Jacob has wasted no time in getting full immersed in business, technology and start-ups at the cutting-edge; quite literally living in a shed to save money while he and the CEO drive forward with their start-up venture. From an early age, Jacob has been driven, focussed and has seen hard work as the best and most reliable route to success. Prior to Triforce, Jacob started his career at an entrepreneurial recruitment software business (Smart Recruit Online) where he optimised advert content to get the best return. He went on to work for a waste management company (Unicorn Skips), increasing sales by 15% and productivity around 25% as well as significantly reducing overhead costs around £1,200 a month by commissioning an innovative process management platform built for the company. Working closely with the owners, Jacob helped the company reach its full potential in achieving a trade sale exit in 2018.

Eduardo Monteiro (BDM) is the founder and director of TheGameWall Studios, a successful indie games publisher. Eduardo has been part of many ventures including a games coffee shop and HIVE Technology solutions. Eduardo’s vast experience with start-ups has made him a key player within TriForce Tokens team.

Is there a solid academic background within the team?

Jacob Ashby (COO) studied International Business at the University of Westminster. As a part of his degree, Jacob took up the opportunity to study abroad at Lycoming College, PA (USA) where he studied a wide range of degrees from International business studies, financial communication and economics. Jacob has always shown a keen interesting in learning new skills, especially when it comes to the knowledge and skill sets needed to run a successful business.

Ram N (CEO, First Principles Ventures) is equally as business academic with a Maters of International Business at Hult International Business School. Ram has also acquired a first class distinction at Visvesvaraya Technological University for a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology.

Nadish Ramakrishnan (Blockchain Dev) is a highly technically minded individual. Nadish studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Technology — BTech at the Indian Institute of Technology, Indore. His ability to pick up skills is impeccable, hence why he is now a core member of the TriForce Tokens team.

Kacy Vendel (Marketing Lead) is a huge academic with a broad knowledge base with a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Science and an Associates Degree in Humanities/Humanistic Studies. She has even taken up a Masters of Science in Digital Marketing and Advertising degree whilst working here at TriForce Tokens. Kacy has also been involved in many other crypto based projects and has an extensive knowledge of building and maintaining a crypto community. She is a true asset to have on the team.

Do members of the team and/or advisors have relevant, early stage ICO execution experience?

We have a wide range of advisors with an extensive knowledge base ranging from start-up and business strategy and marketing. However, many of our advisors have also worked with and alongside many successful crypto based projects.

Blake Pope (CEO, Bitcoin PR Buzz) has been a key part of the development of TriForce Tokens. Blake has also worked with many other successful projects such as UTrust, Nem and Lisk. Blake has extensive knowledge and experience with blockchain start-ups.

Rick O’Neill (CEO, Look, Touch & Feel) is a marketing whiz, with over 10 years in digital strategy under his belt. Rick has an impressive marketing background and is also now becoming recognised within the blockchain space. Rick has been involved with many start-ups, both blockchain related and un-related. Rick is also an advisor and investor in many other projects such as; Eoovi, Cosmecoin and Contract Vault.

Zahid Ali (Entrepreneur & Blockchain Advocate) is an extremely well connected individual, with extensive knowledge of the blockchain space. Zahid is a strategic development professional and a Law & European Business Graduate, he is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience under his belt, primary focus on Strategy and Development in the latter years. More specifically in areas covering Insurance, Commodity, Retails and F&B. With blockchain solutions and development more recently, advising a number of blockchain projects in a constantly changing and complex environment. Zahid is also an advisor for Viuly, Hada Dbank and Cryptics.

Owen Ashby (Director, Klarifi) is a business strategist and sales and marketing expert with somewhere approaching 30 years’ of experience. Owen has built and been involved in a number of start-up businesses as well as consulting for a considerable number of both Enterprise and SME organisations on Go To Market Strategy. His extensive knowledge and expertise has seen him take SME organisations into large scale strategic alliance partnerships with the “Big Four” audit firms, break into and develop a symbiotic joint venture approach with the NHS and secure multi-year large scale contracts across the whole of the UK Civil Service. Owen has been with TriForce Tokens since the start and his knowledge and expertise has been crucial to the growth and structuring of TriForce Tokens.

II. Problem & Solution

Is the problem the company is solving clear?

There are many clear issues within the games industry, especially that of the indie game sector. Listed below are just some of the problems faced in the industry;

  • Player Attraction
  • Player Retention
  • Development Funding & Support
  • Competition
  • CPI (Cost Per Install)

These problems are prominent across the entire games industry, even for AAA games at times. The market has become extremely saturated as game engines such as Unreal and Unity are now much more accessible, allowing anyone to create and develop a game. It has become difficult for developers to cut through the noise of the market and get their games heard. In turn, players now have more choice, it is equally as hard to draw players into their games and once there, keeping them retained.

As with any industry, funding is always essential to the development and growth of the business. Due to the large number of game development studios, it is extremely hard for developers to find and obtain crucial funding that can make or break the game.


CPI (Cost Per Install) across the US for example is considered one of the lowest CPI’s globally. However, for a developer who with a low player count and with minimal revenue generation from the game can be extremely costly.

How are these problems currently being solved?

There are many solutions that already exist within the market today, below are a few solutions:

  • Adglobi — Paying for installs of an application or game. This is extremely popular within the games industry, however this is extremely costly as developers pay per install with no guarantee that those users will stay playing the game. Like Adglobi, there are many other websites and companies that offer the same or similar services.
  • AdscendMedia — Is another platform that offers a similar service like many others out there. A platform that rewards its users for downloading and playing games, for which it pays them in credits that can be exchanged for rewards such as vouchers. Essentially this platform is just another CPI model and doesn’t reward players for actual game play, only for downloading and running the game.
  • Enjin Coin — And many other crypto rewards platforms, also offer similar services, in the sense that they reward players for their gameplay. These platforms however are not fully integrated into games, meaning they are only reading data from API’s and are limited to certain types of information and data. The question is, are they really decentralised?
  • Grants, Loans & Investments — Although there are many options for game developers to raise funds, it doesn’t make it easy. There are many grants and funding options that require no repayment, however these are extremely competitive and can consume a huge amount of time to complete and receive funds.

There is no cost effective, time efficient and proven model that works time after time. Or is there?

How effective are their suggested solutions in solving the mentioned problems?

Our solutions are already proven to be affective. Every MVP we have launched is tried and tested within the industry, with proven positive results.

  • RaidParty — TriForce Tokens games rewards platform, has increased player attraction and retention by 3 fold. With 26,000 players registered, we have proven that our rewards platform is a true solution. You can see this in our white paper, here.
  • Dynamic Advertising — Has already had paid live campaigns for Dominos, AXN and Vodafone run through our games, with interest from other major brands. This has proven as an effective revenue generation model for developers, which is non-intrusive and effective for brands.
  • Publishing Agreements — Through our partnership and share ownership of TheGameWall Studios we have signed 5 games to date. Through the use of our technology stack with our publishing agreements, we have increased player attraction, retention and exposure of each game and helped developers increase revenue.

What are the benefits of the suggested solutions compared to existing ones?

With the use of blockchain technology throughout our technology, we have the ability to provide the best results to date on the market. Unlike other reward platforms, dynamic advertising platforms and games publishers, we are able to provide many benefits that others simply are unable to:

  • Immutable Data — Due to the blockchain being a decentralised ledger, we are able to track the source and reliability of any and all data that passes through the blockchain. This includes, but not limited too, player behavioural analysis, ad tracking, payment tracking and verification.
  • Instant Payment — The blockchain allows for payments to be made in a matter of seconds. Meaning instant gratification for players, developers and publishers. No more waiting for invoices to be paid, meaning a speedy capital injection.
  • Easy Install — Our technology is designed to be extremely easy to install. A single SDK that carries out all processes and requests. This means there is no extra resources or time that needs to be spent by the developers to integrate our technology.
  • Full Package — Unlike other services and solutions out there, our technology provides the entire package, from player attraction and retention to revenue generation, to listing and sale of the game through our market place.
  • Revenue Generation — We provide revenue generation models for the entire industry, whether it is the players, developers or publishers. Anyone within the network is able to generate revenue on a fair and even basis. Unlike other solutions, the benefits are extremely one sided although they can appear as multisided beneficiaries.

III. Market & Customer

How big is the target market and what is the latest projected growth?

According to Newzoo’s latest report, they forecast that there are currently 2.3 billion gamers across the globe. They estimate that gamers will spend $137.9 billion on games in 2018. This represents an increase of +13.3% from the year before, or $16.2 billion. They expect that consumer spend on games will grow to $180.1 billion by 2021, a CAGR of +10.3% between 2017 and 2021.


According to a UKIE report, there is 2,261 active games companies in the UK as of June 2018, including both Game Development Studios and Publishers.

The following graph by Statista shows the global spread of game developers, as of March 2017.


Who are potential users (customers) of the product?

TriForce Tokens target audience is that of, game players, game developers and games publishers. Each product and service fits the needs of each customer segment within the games industry. Below is a break down of which product and service benefits which consumer segment:

  • RaidParty provides solutions to both players, developers and publishers. RaidParty provides players with real world rewards that can be exchanged for games, merchandise or even fiat currency. It provides player attraction and retention models for both developers and publishers. A simple and easy to use platform for all.
  • The Dynamic Advertising provides a new revenue stream to developers and publishers that can coincide with other revenue generation models. A one-time install that provides revenue generation with no extra work. The platform also provides a unique service to brands and marketing agencies, to reach their target audiences in a new and dynamic manner. The platform provides immutable tracking, allowing the advertiser to see the exact reach of their campaigns. You can visit each platform below:

Brands platform: https://brands.raidparty.io/
Developers platform: https://studio.raidparty.io/

What is the go to market strategy? How is the company planning to get new users, what are the most significant markets to enter and what is the plan to scale?

TriForce Tokens has already acquired its first users on both of its MVPs; RaidParty and Dynamic Advertising Platform.

RaidParty has acquired over 26,000 registered players already, with 4 mobile games listed. We are now looking to expand to PC games, with our latest game Eximius, which already has 1,500 concurrent players during its closed beta. The expansion to other gaming platforms will allow us to prove that our solutions work across any platform.

The Dynamic Advertising platform has already run 3 successful paid campaigns for Dominos, AXN and Vodafone, with other global brands showing a keen interest. We are currently looking to expand our game assets in order to provide the brands with large audiences and more popular games.

The plan to scale lies with our publishing arm, TheGameWall Studios to increase our assets (games). Publishing provides us with direct access to the games, meaning easier integration of our technology. Having our own blockchain will allow us to better advance our technology, allowing us to provide further products and services.

IV. Product and technology

Does this product really need blockchain & why?

Each product and service has its own needs and requirements within the TriForce Tokens blockchain. Unlike most crypto based projects that slap in blockchain, we have highlighted true needs for blockchain integration with our technology stack. Below are just some of the reasons why our products and services really need blockchain technology and why:

  • Immutable Data — There is a really need for immutable and traceable data within our technology. Dynamic Advertising for example, can hugely benefit from blockchain technology. The ability for advertisers to be able to trust the data they are presented is imperative. They can ensure that their campaigns are reaching their target audience and getting the impressions they bid for.
  • Instant Payments — Everyone looks for instant gratification, it is now becoming part of our human nature. Instant and traceable payments via the network can ensure that there is no delay in receiving payments for anyone; including players, game developers and publishers.
  • Consensus — The games industry lacks a consensus model, meaning that any and all games are able to be published and marketed, which in turn results in games being over hyped, leaving players disappointed. Our blockchain provides a consensus model across our network to ensure that there is a fair and equal opportunity for players to have their say.
  • Revenue Generation — Our blockchain is designed to incorporate inflation and staking, meaning that there is always an opportunity to generate further revenue from your current wealth. This is impossible to incorporate with a non-blockchain model without incurring costs.
  • 0% Transactions — Via creating our own blockchain, we are able to remove any and all transactions fees and costs. Meaning the flow of our currency is able to move freely throughout our network, encouraging more transactions and higher adoption.
  • Decentralisation — Our technology is based on decentralisation, is the sense that it does not rely on a single entity to operate. If something was to fail, our system would still operate as its technology and data is distributed across a vast network.

What are the benefits of introducing blockchain to this project’s solution?

The gaming industry is consistently growing year on year, however the business models, processes and procedures have stayed the same. The introduction of blockchain to the gaming industry has endless benefits.

The industry currently relies on single entities to operate, if something was to fail or become compromised the entire system fails; rendering it unusable, meaning revenue lose and a loss of customers. A decentralised model ensures that systems don’t fail, and ensures that business continues as usual regardless of a failure or a compromised system.

Many businesses and individuals follow the “fake it until you make it” ideology and therefore many stats, data and results are in many cases skewed to increase revenue or create a different perspective. Blockchain provides immature data that can be tracked directly to the source, publicly to ensure trust throughout the network.

These are only a few benefits of the introduction of blockchain technology to the games industry and each customer segment will benefit differently from the use of blockchain.

How realistic is the implementation of technology in this space?

Our technology has already been implemented into games and throughout our network. Both RaidParty and our Dynamic Advertising is already integrated into our game assets.

Our next step is to increase implementation of our technology into further games, distribution our technology and creating a large network. This will be achieved through our publishing arm TheGameWall Studios. We also have further plans to release our SDKs via game engines to get mass adoption of our technology.

MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

MVP is not a website; MVP is a simple version of the product, which solves the main problem company is tackling.

We have two MVPs which you can visit, test and trial for yourself. Both are live and already have a user base:

RaidParty — https://raidparty.io

We are currently developing our games and merchandise marketplace for RaidParty, which will be accessible shortly.

Dynamic Advertising:

Is there currently market proof of their MVP? Has the company proven it’s MVP and it’s importance to market need?

Both of our current MVPs are live and active, you can visit them yourself via the above links.

RaidParty already has over 26,000 registered players with 4 mobiles games listed. Each game currently provides rewards for completing in-game achievements, which are paid directly to the players wallet. We are currently in the process of launching a PC game, Eximius that will also be listed on RaidParty. Our team is in the process of developing our games and merchandise marketplace, which will allow players to exchange their rewards for games and other products.

The Dynamic Advertising platform has already had 3 successful campaigns run through it with Dominos, AXN and Vodafone. We have already been approached by other brands looking to use our technology that we are in the process of completing agreements with. We are continuing the development of the platform to provide more detailed ad tracking.

That concludes part 1 of 2. If you wise to continue onto part 2 of 2, you can do so here, were we delve into the social and external elements of the business.

If you wish to learn more about TriForce Tokens you can do so by visiting our website: https://triforcetokens.io

You can view our MVPs here:
 — RaidParty: https://raidparty.io
 Dynamic Advertising:
 — Brands: https://brands.raidparty.io
 — Game Developers/Publishers: https://studio.raidparty.io

If you have any questions regarding the project or would simply like to speak to the team or the community directly, feel free to join us on Discord. You can join here: https://discord.gg/K6e6Mhy

Join us: https://discord.gg/K6e6Mhy