RaidParty Mobile Beta Now LIVE!

RaidParty giveaway sign up limited to 150K users! What are you waiting for?

TriForce Tokens’s latest project has just launched its beta mobile application to the public. With an incredible 20k sign ups in the space of a day, the project is looking extremely positive.

Not only has the app had an incredible sign up rate, the project has also attracted the interest of some amazing upcoming games. Upon launch, RaidParty already has 4 games listed; Twisty Road, Racers Squad, WarGate and ZKILLER. A good variety of games that should hit most peoples likes, need and wants when it comes to gaming. RaidParty has also stated that there are plenty more games lined up and expected to hit RaidParty soon!

Although all the games listed at the moment are only mobile based, RaidParty has announced that it is looking to expand to other gaming platforms such as PC.

So what is this RaidParty?

RaidParty is TriForce Tokens’s social engagement platform that is designed to bring players and developers together. A innovative and unique project that not only provides clever player attractive and retention models, it also provides both developers and players with a unique and first of its kind revenue stream.

The current mobile beta of RaidParty is a simple application that they have announced its going to be working on to continuously add too and improve, so that they can continue to impress. The beta provides players with a list of downloadable free-to-play games that have cryptocurrency rewards attached to them. To give an example, RaidParty’s most addictive game, Twisty Road, players will receive FORCE (TriForce Tokens’s cryptocurrency) rewards for reaching certain levels. To give you a better understand, the rewards for Twisty Road are shown below:

  • Reach Level 50 = 5 FORCE
  • Reach Level 100 = 10 FORCE
  • Reach Level 150 = 20 FORCE & Free entry into a 3 ETH giveaway!

Whats so great about RaidParty?

RaidParty for gamers and cryptocurrency hunters/collectors its a great and fun way for them to earn free cryptocurrency for simply playing fun and interesting games. On top of that, RaidParty instantly rewards players once they have reached a in-game target, challenge or achievement. So no more waiting around for your rewards!

Not only does RaidParty reward players with FORCE, it also provides players with ETH (Ethereum) rewards. The second most valuable and utilised cryptocurrency in the world. These currencies can be sold on the exchanges, meaning players can instantly turn their rewards into real world cash. How cool is that!?

RaidParty has also announced that they are in the works of building and adding to the RaidParty application, allowing players to utilise their rewards and exchange them for goods or services. However, they are holding their cards close to their chest and have said they will only release more information once they are closer to its launch.

But these are only small rewards right?

Well, so not only can you earn rewards for your in-game activities which are rewarded to you in FORCE. RaidParty is holding and hosting some huge giveaways! On their website, they state that they are giving away over 50 ETH in rewards, now I don’t know about you, but 50 ETH is huge! You can check out the current value of ETH here:

For 3 of the games listed on RaidParty, players have the chance of winning a huge ETH jackpots on top of the FORCE rewards. The current ETH jackpots that RaidParty is hosting is listed below:

  • WarGate = 10 ETH Jackpot
  • Twisty Road = 3 ETH Jackpot
  • Racers Squad = 3 ETH Jackpot

Sign me up!

To sign up for RaidParty and its amazing rewards and jackpot prizes is as easy as A, B, C. Simply go the RaidParty website here: enter your details to enter the free giveaway and then download the RaidParty app. Simply download and play the games listed to start earning rewards!

What are you waiting for? Don’t let someone else win those rewards! I know I’m signing up!