The Six Dragons & Force Team Up!

Even in this bear market, we won’t settle, and we won't give up!

Our most recent publication, by our CEO, has sparked some reflection within the team, about how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go. You see, Force Protocol is planning a revolution. A revolution not only in the crypto space but the gaming space as well. As most of us are witnessing, many ICO’s and crypto projects scattering, giving up, and letting their communities down. Not us. We are persevering. We are continuing to build, create, and secure long-lasting fruit filled partnerships. The work never ends, and neither does the hustle and grind to make this team’s goals reality. Which is why we are coming to you all today, to share yet ANOTHER exciting milestone for Force Protocol and our newest partnership with The Six Dragons Studio.

“Having met Pete is a pleasure because we share the same vision regarding Gaming and Crypto, which are my biggest interests, that are now coming together. I thought about how good would be to have a crypto-economy model in The Six Dragons a year ago, but I understood the challenges to make it happen, now that the partnership with Force Protocol is settled, we can achieve it, and bring gaming to the actual next generation.”
Savvas, Studio Founder ‘The Six Dragons’

Meet The Six Dragons.
“The game gives you a strange dark feeling, I love it! As an old school RPG player, ‘The Six Dragons’ has caught my attention” Birdie, Gaming Community Manager

The Six Dragons is an “open World RPG that features a huge Procedurally Generated World of 64km2, 1 Billion Randomly Generated Dungeons, in-depth Crafting system, harvesting, epic fights, open build class system and much more”. The game will feature an entire economy based upon our cryptocurrency, $FORCE.

“The game has a very awesome ‘classic’ game vibe. If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, a dungeon-exploration lover, or an RPG player; This game is perfect!” Kitty, Bot Developer

Our newest partnership and quest in creating an entire $FORCE economy is considered to be one of the top priorities of the team's plans! We are beyond excited and gearing up to integrate a full crypto economy into this game. Working alongside its developer, we are all excited to show the gaming and crypto worlds something different. Different innovation and technology. Not the same ol’ API integration that many gaming cryptos offer.

We hope our communities are excited as we are, and ready to begin this journey on the Revolution to change the crypto and gaming worlds, combining them like no other projects before us!

“Securing this partnership with The Six Dragons is adding massive value to our future vision of changing the games industry, little by little, by implementing a full crypto-economy model. Not only that but the game owner, Savvas, has a great understanding of the crypto market already and can see the value it can bring. To find such a talented indie developer, with a great game, and an understanding of blockchain is a huge success story for us — and we are incredibly excited to be working with the studio on this project.” Pete Mardell, CEO Force Protocol

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