How do i send a fax from my computer ?

To send a fax from your computer is very easy. The first thing you need to do is to register with an internet fax service or internet fax company . There are so many of them on the web. At the end of this article i will direct you to where you can find most of them.

To register with an internet fax service is completely free. You’ll need a valid email address , a username and password to register. You’ll be using this email address for sending and receiving your faxes. During the registration process the internet fax company will provide to you a fax number for free. You just need to copy your fax number and save it somewhere. Once you have registered with the internet fax company you can start sending faxes for free. Most of them will allow you to send about 300 fax pages for the first 30 days for free. You can only start paying after the 30 days trial period.

To send a fax to someone is very easy. You can scan the document you want to fax and save it on your computer or you can type a new document or letter on microsoft word and save it on your computer. To send this document or letter as fax you’ll first login into your email account such as hotmail, yahoo mail , gmail and others. Once you have login into your account , you’ll need to attach this document or letter you want to send as fax. In the To Field of your message, you’ll type the fax number of your recipient. In the subject field of your message you’ll write the full name of your recipient and in the body of your message you can write a short note.

Once you have completed all these steps and attached the document you want to fax, you just need to click the send button to deliver your fax. Your recipient will receive your fax through email in about 2 or 3 minutes. With this method you can send about 300 to 500 fax pages per Month to any fax machine or any fax number worldwide. You can also read or view the faxes that has been sent to you using just your email account. You’ll constantly just need to check your email to see the faxes that has been sent to you.

As i told you before there are so many internet fax companies that will allow you to send faxes using your computer. You just need to register then start sending your faxes.
Visit to see a complete list of internet fax companies that will allow you to send free faxes using your computer.

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