David McClelland, Vice President Strategy and Partnerships, Ford Motor Company

This is a pivotal moment for Ford Motor Company. The auto industry is undergoing seismic changes as new technology transforms the way people move. Most automakers already have decided if they want to lead change or cede it to others. We continue making clear through our words and investments that we plan to disrupt. But not alone. We will partner for expertise and efficiency and learn from the best so we can bring more value to the customer.

Today, we are executing on this important part of our plan by partnering with Google, which knows a thing or two about…

By Dragos Maciuca, Greenfield Labs Technical Director, Ford Motor Company

Ford employees working at Greenfield Labs in Palo Alto, California.

Ford Motor Company was one of the first tech startups 118 years ago to put the world on wheels. Today, we are seeking out like-minded innovators as Ford once again looks to transform the way people move through electrified, connected and autonomous vehicles.

This means we have to again compete like a challenger, including collaborating with future-focused innovators that are disrupting many parts of how we live, work and play. That is why we helped lead a new way of connecting Detroit with Silicon Valley with the creation of Ford Greenfield Labs in Palo Alto, Calif.. …

By Donna Bell, Director AV & Mobility Strategy, Ford Motor Company

At Ford, our purpose is to help build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams. As we pursue this purpose, we strive to be a leader in inclusive representation, anti-racism, and transportation equity. Building on Henry Ford’s original vision of providing affordable transportation for everyone, today we continue to aspire to make people’s lives better by improving mobility and accessibility for all in an equitable way by partnering and collaborating with cities and universities, incorporating equitable mobility in our own products and services, and most importantly being an advocate.

The United States Department…

By Callahan Coplai, Product Owner City Solutions, Ford Motor Company

Building a transportation system where people can move safely is a top priority for nearly every city leader — whether someone is commuting to work or taking an e-scooter to meet a friend. According to the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), each year more than 35,000 fatalities occur as a result of motor vehicle crashes in the United States. In fact, NHTSA found that while there were fewer cars on the road in the first half of 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were more deaths per mile traveled.

Mobility patterns will continue to evolve and understanding…

By Brett Wheatley, TransLoc CEO and Vice President of Mobility Businesses, Autonomous Vehicles LLC, Ford Motor Company

With the growing shift to electrification, we are on the cusp of dramatically altering something that hasn’t changed in decades: The way we move. From personal vehicles to scooters and bikes, electrification is creating new forms of accessible transportation while helping to reduce congestion, reduce pollution and make it even easier to get to work and visit friends and family.

But there are challenges as well. The invention and adoption of vehicles and mass transit changed the way people lived, but also spurred cities themselves to transform. Now we must ask ourselves: Do we have the infrastructure to support all…

By John Davis, Director of Autonomous Vehicle and Future Technology, Ford Motor Company

Back in 2018, Ford issued a comprehensive report to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) that outlined the way we approach self-driving vehicle development. A lot has changed in the years since, but our purpose has remained rock solid: to use autonomous technology to help make people’s lives better by providing a safe, trusted and affordable mobility solution.

Since we released that first safety report, we have continued bringing together all the complex pieces needed to launch a self-driving service. In addition to working with Argo AI to advance the development of a robust Automated Driving System to guide our…

By Gina Schrader, City Solutions Midwest Manager, Ford Motor Company

About two years ago, Ford launched the City:One Michigan Central Station Challenge with the City of Detroit Office of Mobility Innovation and what is now the Office of Future Mobility & Electrification to identify proposals that could help improve the way people move around Michigan Central Station and the surrounding communities. At Ford, our goal was to engage local officials, businesses and communities in a conversation focused on improving mobility for those living, working and visiting the area around the train station.

Now, one of the three winning proposals is taking a step closer to reality — driven by an…

By Ken Washington, Chief Technology Officer, Ford Motor Company

There’s a new frontier in innovation, one that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but that exists, nonetheless. Everywhere you look, cities, companies and entire countries are pouring significant resources into connectivity, linking up all kinds of things so they can communicate with each other. This connected world will enable capabilities that start bringing to life visions of future transportation only seen before in sci-fi movies.

At Ford, we’ve taken bold steps in this direction, equipping our new vehicles with factory-fitted onboard modems since 2019. We’ve now put more than 6 million connected vehicles on the road across the…

By Tony Lockwood, Technical Manager, FutureTech, Ford Motor Company

A Ford self-driving test vehicle travels through Miami.

As Ford brings together a self-driving commercial business in Miami-Dade, the company is thinking about all the complex pieces needed to build its service. One of the most critical pieces is being built by our partner Argo AI: A robust self-driving system that will drive safely, fit in with the natural traffic flow and local driving behaviors and provide a great ride experience for customers.

Self-driving vehicles need to be prepared to navigate intersections, some of which can be particularly tricky with obstructed views due to buildings or street designs. That’s why, in Miami-Dade County, our autonomous vehicle research team…

By Alex Buznego, Miami Autonomous Vehicle Market Manager, Ford Motor Company

A Ford self-driving test vehicle rides through Miami.

Miami Thrice! It’s now been three years since Miami-Dade became the first place in the world where Ford Motor Company would test and commercialize its new self-driving services. The journey so far has been one marked by progress. Our goal? That Miamians will soon have the ability to hail a ride or receive a delivery in a way that is safe, consistent, valued and efficient.

What have we been up to? Our partners at Argo AI have been developing the self-driving technology to build a ride experience that feels natural on the streets of Miami-Dade. On our side of the…

Ford Motor Company

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