The Influential Thoughts

So this past weekend was interesting…Let’s just say friend A told me not to do something and friend B almost convinced me to do that something. The kicker is that I lied to friend A’s face. I have not done that before and it was definitely an experience, to say the least. Friend A and I spent a few days of not talking and cooling off on both parts. An argument happened the night of the incident where I basically made an ass of myself. During those few days a lot happened in my head.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I had to do a lot of reflection on the way I behaved and how i need to change myself. The way I did this was through yoga and meditation.

During the mornings I would do a yoga session which allowed me to ground myself, relax, and clear my head for the day. Not only does yoga help you be more calm throughout the day, but it is physical activity that can improve health tremendously.

During the nights I would meditate and learn about myself. You have to close your eyes in a comfortable position (not too comfortable, you don’t want to fall asleep) and focus on your breathing and every single sensation you can feel. Once you have done this for a while without straying too far into your thoughts, you pay attention to what your stream of thoughts are without following each individual thought. Just watch what comes up and learn how your mind works and how you normally process information. That is how you learn to control your behavior and perspectives.

I spent three days learning the aspects of myself that I needed to work on such as my need to be right, selfishness, and lack of care for others. When you watch your thoughts pay attention to the different connotations you put on different subjects and see what is hurting your life and what is not. After doing this I reconciled with myself and then Friend A. Only after you are okay with yourself can you allow others to influence you.